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5 Top Tips for Solar Ovens | Solar Cooking Made Easy

by:ORK      2020-03-07
Solar cooking can be very easy if you understand what is involved in the process and follow some basic rules.Here are five tips for getting you started with a solar oven.There are many solar ovens to choose from, from home to homeA commercial solar cooker was designed.
I prefer the \"box style\" oven made by Tulsi.I have one. I like it very much.My solar cooker is totally Sun driven.However, the hybrid version also has the same solar oven, which can also be cooked in the dark.(Basic types cannot work without direct sunlight.
Before you start buying any type of solar oven, it helps to evaluate whether it\'s a hybrid or a non-hybridThe mixed variety suits you best.What is a hybrid solar oven?A hybrid solar oven can take advantage of both sunlight and electricity.What a wonderful invention!Just as a hybrid car is designed to operate in both gas and electricity, a hybrid solar oven is an oven that can be powered by sunlight 100%.
..Or plug in the power supply to operate when there is no sun.It\'s cloudy outside!I have been packing for the last eight yearsI like the solar oven for winter.When spring brings sunshine, I turn on my solar oven and clean up my wood --burning stove.
.I can\'t expect my solar system to support the electric oven, so I rely mainly on my solar oven and my wood in the summer --Burn the stove in winter.I also have a barbecue and a traditional oven powered by liquefied petroleum gas (propane) if I don\'t have any other options, but my life is about to change!I am going to buy a solar/electric hybrid oven so I can use my solar oven.Tulsi\'s hybrid solar oven only needs 25% of the power required to run a traditional indoor oven, which means I can cook for free in a sunny summerAnd use my solar and photovoltaic panels to power the hybrid oven (which is also free) to deal with most of the cloudy and winter weather.
On the rare days when I was forced to rely on a generator to generate electricity, I would pull about 200 watts to power the oven.Oh, the convenience of having a hybrid solar oven!Here are some of the features I value most in a solar oven.The reflector panel is scratch-Double-The panel oven face/window holds heat and energy more efficiently than a single panel.
(Think about the comparison between single window glass and double window glassGlass windows on your windows.There is a lot of room for the oven.Sometimes I want my solar oven to have extra depth, but if I choose between sacrificing surface space or depth, my design will have more advantages.The heat is evenly distributed and I can place some small pots and trays side by side.
Provides extra depth in the USSolar focus-The electric oven is based on Tursi.I plan to buy one soon.When purchasing the Tulsi oven, it includes 4 cooking pots specially designed for solar cookingSo you\'re ready to start cooking.Many solar oven manufacturers offer cookware with oven.
Portable -My solar oven (like the sun focusing solar-Electric oven) fold up, lock and carry handle.Self-Packed in a car and easily packed.I kept my pot, baking pan, etc in the kitchen cupboard.However, if I want to travel with a solar oven, I will wrap them in a tea towel and put them in the oven.
Tea towels can protect the black paint on the oven and pot, so it will not scratch or damage.Also, when I remove the hot pot from the oven, I use tea towels to protect my hands from heat.Wrap them in the oven as protection for my pots so there is no danger of leaving towels at home.
If you want to get the best and fastest effect when cooking in the sun, please choose the black cooker used in the solar oven.The reason why the black cooker is best for solar cooking is simple.Black absorbs heat faster than any other color and keeps it longer.
Yes, you can use a color other than black, but wearing a yellow or white curry or casserole cooks longer than the same food in a dark pan.If you want to feed an army with meals cooked in a solar oven, you will find a big pot...And a solar oven bigger than me.(Some solar cookers have more depth than my Tulsi solar oven.
) If you set the Sun stove around 9 or 10 in the morning on a sunny day, you can feed the troops at dinner time.But if you want to give a small family a hot meal during lunch time, I would highly recommend using a bunch of cooking tools smaller than a large pot, as a small part is cooked faster.Apply the same principle as the standard oven.
Cupcakes are cooked faster than big cakes.Rolls are cooked faster than big bread.I was very excited to find a range of baking pans, much smaller than the ones that are common in kitchens around the world...So I bought a lot.As you can see in the photo, I can now bake a few buns in the same space, instead of a large piece of bread.
If I want more, I will reinstall the solar oven.When you become more comfortable with solar cooking, you will find how tolerant the solar oven is.Here\'s an example: If I cook in a convection oven, forget to take out the roast chicken and leave the cooked vegetables on the stove for too long, I\'ll spoil the food.
The chicken Burns, the vegetables stick to the bottom of the pan, or break down into paste (or both ).If I cook the same chicken and vegetables in a solar oven, I decided to postpone it for a few hours, at the same time, I have a long phone conversation with a person who accidentally called. There are a lot of news. nothing to worry about.As long as I get the food ready, the lid of the pan is tightly sealed (so I won\'t let all the moisture evaporate) and I can take it slowly without worrying about the food going bad.
I can\'t guarantee solar ovens from other manufacturers-Especially if the sun hits the cooker directly from the plate.Solar OvenBut the design and specification of box style Tulsi prevented my food from burning long after it was destroyed in a traditional oven.Probably American.A deeper version of the base will also run in a similar way, which is why I plan to buy one.
It will allow me to cook with 100% of the sun in the summer, as I have done, plus use it indoors in the winter.Solar cooking becomes simple!As anyone reading my article knows, I look for simple options and shortcuts instead of wasting time and effort on any mundane daily task.I live outside of the grid, so I need to do many tasks effectively that most people take for granted.
This is one of the reasons I like my solar oven.I put the food in and cook it.I took it from the solar oven and whenever I was ready I would provide it to my familyDon\'t worry about the food being destroyed at the extra time.That\'s why I intend to upgrade from my 100% solar oven to a hybrid oven that can use solar or electric power.
I want to enjoy the same convenience in cooking all year round.The first mixed oven I heard about was Tulsi, which was made by the company that made my original solar oven.The mixed version of the Tulsi oven automatically switches between solar and power depending on whether there is sunlight.
It cycles back and forth between electricity and solar power, so there is no need to run back from my vegetable garden to the solar cooker near the house just because the clouds are rolling.\\\"The Tulsi-Hybrid Masss two set thermostats automatically control and keep the cooking temperature inside the oven so that your food is always safe and perfectly cooked even if the weather is bad.Wonderful.All I need to do is remember to bring it indoors before it starts raining!lol.
The power supply for the Tulsi hybrid oven can come from the power company, the DC/AC inverter, or any backup generator.When cooking indoors with 100% of the electricity, it will consume 250 to 500 watts (but the traditional indoor electric oven will consume up to 2000 watts ).Hybrid solar-Make solar cooking simple-On so many levels!Then I got to know Americans.
Solar and electric hybrid ovens were manufactured based on Tulsi.It offers a greater advantage of a deeper culinary space.It still has everythingImportant large area surface, I don\'t want to give up, and the ability to hold deeper pots.
So this is what I want to buy.
If they don\'t use the Australian power plug in Australia, I will buy one on Amazon and use an off-the-shelf adapter.(This type of product is available at any international airport and many electrical retailers.Tourists use hair dryers and other electrical appliances during the trip.
Tip 5: See what you can cook in a solar oven!Experiment, have fun.What can you do in a solar oven?Anything you can cook in a traditional ovenBut what\'s more interesting!The solar oven can harvest the sun and provide a wide variety of food for you and your family.Make curryrice -Much easier than the way you used to make rice!casseroles -desserts -cook muffins -sun-Dry tomato (lid open slightly)Let the moisture go awayYou can cook anything in a solar oven, so try it and make your solar cooking fun!Should I buy a simple solar oven?100% sunshine?A simple solar oven is much cheaper than a hybrid.
If you want to save money;You have another cooking option.The BBQ in the backyard, the rocket stove and even the campfire may be your backing --You are confident that if you need it, there will be enough food in your pantry to eat cold while waiting for the Sun the next day!The wind is not a problem with where you live.Or where you\'re going to cook with solar energy.
Strong winds are your enemy and 100% of the solar oven will not be able to run if you are chased indoors for refuge.Before choosing to buy a 100% solar cooker, there is an important point here that you can\'t ignore...Your solar cooking peak time (assuming a sunny day) is between nine o\'clock A.
and two o\'clock P.
If you get off work at six o\'clock A.
and don\'t get home until four o\'clock P.
, your best bet is a hybrid solar oven that can be cooked indoors and after dark.Is there a problem with mixing solar and electric ovens?To be honest, I can\'t think of any drawbacks to having a hybrid solar oven.Hybrid solar and electric ovens can do everything I can with my 100% solar version.
..With these additional advantagesHowever, for the benefit of a fair assessment, here are a few issues to note :-Cost ratio of hybrid solar ovenhybrid version.(However, when you put your on-If you cook in a traditional oven, the extra cost is not really a problem.When the oven is too cold, the glass may break if you plug it in for heating.
If you take it indoors from a cold outdoor cabin, make it fit to room temperature.If your cat tries to land on the raised lid of your hybrid solar oven, it may knock it over.(Of course, the same is true of my outdoor solar oven, but cats are more famous for causing accidents indoors than outdoors.
This has caused problems with children at home.There is a large mirror that could be noticed and the only mixed oven I know has a charming bright color...So be sure to keep your hybrid solar oven away from kids.
Once my new solar and electric hybrid oven arrives and is put into use, I will be sure to let you know if I find any further problems.But from where I sit now (on cold and dark nights) I can only see the positive side!
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