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A small rubber auto parts impact on the quality of the car?

by:ORK      2020-07-28
With the development of automobile industry, demand for rubber auto parts is more and more, thus there are many big and small rubber auto parts manufacturers, so a small rubber seals auto parts how much impact on the quality of the car? products widely used in automobile manufacturing, mainly including car antenna with a waterproof seal, doors and trunk joint rubber cable sheath, trailer covers, car MATS, rubber cushions, rubber plug cover, engine intake pipe components, doors and Windows sealing strip, rubber seal, rubber bushing, MATS, etc. Its main role is usually: waterproof, dustproof, sealing, shock absorption, noise reduction, protection, and so on. Can be seen from above, the effect of rubber seals auto parts of its effect on the quality, the first is the sealing products, if the sealing failure, such as car antenna waterproof seal, seal products, when it rains may be leaking, there might be important parts of the engine oil leakage hidden trouble, followed by damping noise reduction products such as cushions, doors and Windows sealing strip, this will heavily influence the service life of mechanical moving parts, if in the process of driving have found a sound, may be because of the suspension parts, will be in time for maintenance. Then there is the wiring harness of rubber tube, protect the car parts cable activities caused by the wear and tear is not broken or short circuit. Any widget is likely to affect the quality of the vehicle, therefore choosing rubber auto parts manufacturers need of examining various aspects comprehensive strength. Seal 15 years in the field of automotive research and development, cooperation with many large auto companies, internal use automobile industry quality system, long-term efficient operation more than 10 years, to provide one-stop solution, the escort to your car driving safety.
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