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Advantages and disadvantages of silicone seals?

by:ORK      2022-10-30
Advantages and disadvantages of silicone seals? Tough things have their drawbacks, and so do silicone materials. There are countless silicone seals we use in our everyday appliances. In sealing antifouling daily necessities, decorative gifts and electronic equipment, it has a good advantage in purpose performance, but it also has a fragile side. Now, let's explain some of the rare disadvantages of silicone sealing products in application! Fear of knives is the main disadvantage. Silicone products themselves are software materials, different from metal plastics and their hard rubber seals materials. They have hard compounds with strong bases, while silicone products often have to be filled and opened when seaming. Therefore, sometimes many unfavorable factors of silicone seals are often due to cracks on the surface of the product or the product structure is beveled or too brittle, which causes the mouth to slowly expand. Therefore, it is best not to touch the purchased silicone sleeve or silicone bracelet with a sharp knife. ! Strong alkali corrosion has an impact on any substance, and silica gel has certain advantages in terms of tensile strength, wear resistance, and rebound. Only strong solvent solutions can combine this material with soft substances. Tests have shown that when silicon materials and acidic solutions, such as hydrochloric acid, contact sulfuric acid), the silicone materials will become software materials such as sludge shape, which will gradually become brittle after long-term soaking, and cannot be completely eliminated! Silica gel material belongs to a combination of highly active adsorption fine molecules, and the material itself has adsorption strength, so silica gel products will naturally absorb dust, which is a common situation, so sometimes we use industrial seals to look bright impurities and dust have the main factor, followed by It is the mold surface that is too smooth causing more adhesion! When the stress level of the sealed silicone parts exceeds the degree of the product itself, it will naturally cause a certain deformation effect. Stress deformation of silicone products is a rare situation. Therefore, after long-term extrusion and vibration, the molecular chain inside the product will be broken, the product will be deformed, and will not bounce, resulting in aging, and the characteristics will gradually become invalid!
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