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Advantages of Viton Seals

by:ORK      2022-10-21
The advantages of fluororubber sealing ring 1. The fluororubber sealing ring has excellent high temperature resistance. The outstanding feature of fluororubber sealing ring is its excellent high temperature resistance. It can work for a long time in the environment of 200 ℃ to 250 ℃, not only here, but also for a short time at a high temperature of 300 ℃. The compressive strength and strength of fluorine rubber are inversely proportional to temperature. Below 150°C, the tensile strength initially decreases with increasing temperature. In the middle of 150 to 260 ℃, with the increase of temperature, the reduction rate will gradually maintain for a long time. Another outstanding feature of the fluorine rubber skeleton seal is the low temperature characteristic, which can maintain plasticity in the range of -205. But I don't know that as the temperature decreases, its compressive strength increases, and it becomes harder and harder at low temperatures. When the temperature guarantees -30, the thickness is 1.872mm, when the temperature guarantees -45, the thickness immediately becomes 0.631mm, and when the temperature guarantees -70, the thickness is 0.251mm. 2. Fluorine rubber sealing ring has excellent aging resistance. Fluorine rubber has particularly good aging resistance and ozone resistance. After ten years of natural storage, the function of the finished fluoropolymer is still satisfactory. 3. Fluorine rubber seals has excellent analytical chemical stability. In addition to its excellent heat resistance, fluorine rubber sealing ring also has the stable chemical properties of fluorine collagen material. Its stability to analytical chemical liquids such as light fuel oil, motor oil and lubricating grease, as well as to various oxides such as dilute nitric acid, sulfuric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide with strong concentration values ​​is better than other rubber materials. It is also one of the rubber material polyurethane elastomers with excellent resistance to a wide variety of analytical chemicals. 4. The fluororubber sealing ring has excellent equipment performance. The fluororubber sealing ring is a kind of raw material with excellent physical and industrial equipment characteristics in the rubber material polyurethane elastomer. It has particularly good advantages in tearing tensile strength and tensile strength. . After testing, the shrinking deformation rate of the fluororubber sealing ring is not large. What types of fluororubber sealing rings are there? Fluorine rubber sealing ring includes many products, such as: fluorine rubber skeleton seal, fluorine rubber U-ring, fluorine rubber O-ring, fluorine rubber rubber strip, fluorine rubber sealing ring, perfluoroether sealing ring, fluorine rubber V-ring, fluorine rubber Y-rings, fluororubber gaskets, etc. The application range of fluororubber sealing ring: automobile, shipping industry, analytical chemistry, petroleum, telecommunication network, instrumentation, industrial equipment, international airlines, ballistic missiles, rocket launchers, ships and other industrial manufacturing fields.
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