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an overview of silicone gasket material - industrial ...

by:ORK      2020-02-23
Many industrial sectors such as food, automobiles, construction and medical care use silicone gaskets in large quantities.Silicone is a popular material for washers in these industries due to its inherent properties.Many custom silicone products produced require heat resistance, chemical resistance and non-toxicity.
And things like engine and transmission.
For example, a non-toxic silicone gasket proved to be ideal for use as a food grade gasket material.Silicone washers are used in unique applications where each application has its own specifications and requirements.Silicone rubber is the right material to meet the needs of various industrial sectors for soft rubber seals or washers.
In the food industry, Flake silicone is used for the manufacture of various seals and washers.Due to its low toxicity, no odor, soft, non-toxicElastic materials are processed into custom silicone products.It also has the ability to resist extreme temperatures.
In addition to the food industry, silicone washers have found applications as a sealant for airbags and rubber O-rings in engines and transmissions in the automotive industry.This is usually used in metal or rigid shells that require a higher closing force.Solid silicone rubber is manufactured using manufacturing methods such as water jet cutting or die cutting.
Solid silicone rubber is mainly used for water sealing and diving applications.It has a wide range of meters and widths.These products are soft in shape and full of foam and are used as soft seals when low sealing force is required.The open battery, thanks to its open battery structure, is a great choice for environmental sealing and performs well at any temperature.
It can also resist ultraviolet rays.
These products are more popular and more accessible than open battery silicone products.Their surface is smoother than the open cell structure.Injection molding washers are used in a large number of flushing or underwater applications.
Molded seals are round and have a 3D or custom cross shapesections.The product type and gasket design can be determined according to its manufacturing technology and cost.The various properties of the silicone washers make it possible for them to take multiple forms such as soft rubber seals, O-rings, horseshoe shapes, etc.
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