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Analysis of seal performance life and seal related costs

by:ORK      2022-10-24
When selecting seals for rotating shafts, there are many types of seals for reference selection, most of which are lip seals and sliding seals. In actual assembly, different seals can be combined with a combination of seals. A single seal can be used independently, or multiple seals can be used together as a component; according to different mechanical requirements, some should choose to operate in dry friction conditions, while others do not. To work in a lubricated state, some do not need a cleaning function, and some must be used with a cleaning function. In general, there are lip-shaped seals, because they have a more complex shape and structure, and there are other accessories that can move relative to the shaft, so the lip-shaped mechanical seals have higher procurement costs than other hydraulic seals. Sliding seals, whether using dry friction air seals or oil-lubricated oil seals, are generally less expensive to purchase than lip seals. In some mixers, dryers and many other mechanical equipment, sliding seals are commonly used seals, and their performance is relatively reliable. In different sealing environment systems, it is necessary to choose suitable seals. For low working conditions such as: low pressure, low operating temperature, and low moving speed, all types of seals can be used. In a vacuum and low pressure environment, lip seals cannot be used, and sliding seals are usually selected, whether dry friction or grease lubricated sliding seals are acceptable. If the pressure is very high or the sliding speed is very fast, there can only be lubricating rubber seals seals. The service life of the seal directly affects the future cost. Through three different experiments, different seals were used, and the annual working time and shaft diameter were stipulated to be the same for comparison experiments. Water is used as a liquid lubricating medium in sliding seals. The purchase cost of seals is the largest part of the expenditure. Generally, imported seals of good quality have a relatively long service life, and because of the extension of service life, the average annual share The cost will also be reduced, and the cost of daily maintenance is also less than that of ordinary seals, so generally, when purchasing, seals with good quality and long life should be selected. In addition to the purchase cost of the seal, cooling system, lubrication system, etc., the consumption cost of the sealing medium should be compared. For example, some use nitrogen as the sealing medium, and its daily consumption is higher than the consumption cost of the seal with water as the lubricating medium. Much higher. Comprehensive analysis shows that the service life of the seal occupies a large proportion of the mechanical cost, which directly affects the cost of mechanical maintenance and repair. Experiments show that seals with a lifespan of only 2 years have the largest cost. With the longer life of other seals, other related maintenance and repair costs, and other losses caused by downtime caused by failures will also increase. For every factory and enterprise, there is pressure to reduce production and operation costs. In the procurement of rubber seals seals, there is a LCC cycle life evaluation standard in the industry, which is currently recognized as the best evaluation standard. Its algorithm is defined as: LCC (4 years) = purchase investment cost + installation cost + maintenance cost + operating cost, because it comprehensively considers the purchase cost of the seal, installation cost, other maintenance, repair, other costs caused by mechanical failure, etc., so It can more objectively reflect the operating cost of the seal. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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