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Analysis of Several Factors Affecting the Tensile Strength of Rubber Seals_Rubber Seal_Rubber Seal Manufacturer

by:ORK      2022-11-25
Analysis of several factors affecting the tensile strength of rubber seals Under the action of the surface tension of the liquid, the stiffness of the oil film just makes a crescent surface at the contact end of the oil film and the air, preventing the leakage of the working medium, thereby realizing the sealing of the rotating shaft . The sealing ability of the rubber seals seal depends on the thickness of the oil film on the surface of the rubber seal. If the thickness is too large, the oil seal will leak; if the thickness is too small, dry friction may occur, causing the oil seal and shaft to wear; there is no oil film between the sealing lip and the shaft. cause heat and wear. Therefore, when installing, it is necessary to apply some oil on the rubber seal ring, and at the same time ensure that the skeleton oil seal is perpendicular to the shaft center line. If it is not perpendicular, the sealing lip of the oil seal will drain the lubricating oil from the shaft, which will also cause the sealing lip of excessive wear. 1. Active fillers (such as carbon black and white carbon black) should be selected and uniformly dispersed during mixing. When supplemented with active fillers, the dosage should be appropriate. 2. From the aspect of formula design, it is mainly the variety of raw rubber, the vulcanization system and the variety and amount of filler. For the formula with high tensile strength, crystalline rubber seals such as natural rubber, neoprene or chlorosulfonated polyethylene should be used, and the rubber content is generally about 60%. 3. The tensile strength is also related to the temperature, and the tensile strength at high temperature is much lower than that at room temperature. The tensile strength is related to the crosslinking density. With the increase of the crosslinking density, the tensile strength increases. After the maximum value appears, the crosslinking density continues to increase, and the tensile strength will decrease significantly. 4. The tensile strength is related to the structure of the rubber. When the amount is small, the secondary valence of the intermolecular interaction is small. All other factors that affect the intermolecular force have an effect on the tensile strength. As a new type of liquid or gas pipe, the adsorption principle of rubber seals is much smaller than that of activated carbon adsorption; indeed only % of its adsorption strength Ten or so, it can be seen that after the pipe is produced, some important details in life need to be considered. If a long water pipe has many different substances in the water quality of its flowing water, then some substances have the principle of adsorption when they encounter the pipe. At this time, more and more substances will stick to the inner wall of the tube, which will easily cause the tube to block; and the tubes for some filter devices have adsorption properties, which can also filter out the stains.
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