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Analysis of the lubricating characteristics of rubber seals in the market_Rubber seals_Rubber seal manufacturers

by:ORK      2022-11-24
Test results of rubber seals seals Excellent water resistance and tightness, cold and hot water resistance, and environmental aging resistance of rubber seals; inspection based on inspection requirements Excellent high-quality analysis of the lubricating characteristics of rubber seals Market test results of rubber seals Excellent water resistance and Sealing, cold and hot water resistance, rubber seals seals are resistant to environmental aging; inspection requirements are based on excellent high and low temperature performance and oxidation resistance, and the consistency of rubber seals changes little with temperature; excellent oil resistance, corrosion resistance and large resistance Most chemicals, extremely long service life; operating quality documents ※ Excellent adhesion and lubricity, rubber seals are well compatible with most plastics and elastomers. Standard requires quality assurance seals Lubrication application application process New products are used for waterproofing, sealing lubrication and corrosion protection of valves, cocks, plungers, gaskets, O ring manufactures and wedge seals; production department Quality risks are widely used in toys , Electrical appliances, instruments, sanitary equipment, electronic components, cable joints, insulation terminals waterproof, sealing, insulating and moisture-proof; can be used for lubrication and sealing between plastics, rubber, metals and seals. Multi-lip reciprocating rubber seals are compound rubber seals with more than two sealing lips. Chongqing has different cross-sectional structures according to the conditions of use. Most of them are composed of NBR and a tape layer with fabric. The two can be directly molded into one body. After extrusion, a sizing test must be performed, or they can be molded and vulcanized separately to form a seal. The sealing surfaces are equipped with multiple sealing lips and lubricating oil grooves, so that a small amount of lubricating oil is retained on the sealing lip surface during operation, which reduces friction and heat dissipation. When in use, there are generally two plastic retaining rings on the upper and lower parts of the seal to prevent the sealing ring from being squeezed into the gap under high pressure. Depending on the structure, the working pressure of the rubber seals seal is generally 20-40MPa, and the linear speed is 0.1-0.2m·s-1, and the hydraulic test is also required. Can work in hydraulic oil, water and emulsions. Statistics sealing strip, which represents the maximum ability of metal materials to resist damage under tension. More information on rubber seals
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