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Analysis of the reasons for the inaccuracy of rubber ingredients

by:ORK      2022-11-05
The batching uniformity of rubber seals products is an important indicator reflecting the quality of rubber processing, and also a main parameter for evaluating the mixing performance of mixing and batching equipment. In the quality standard of compound rubber formulated in my country, the mixing uniformity of rubber seals products has been regarded as an important test item, and a standardized test method has been formulated for it. Therefore, the precision requirements in the automatic batching process of rubber products are very high, and special circumstances such as if the processing precision is not allowed must be understood. 1. Reasons for inaccurate weighing (1) The fixing bolt between the weighing system and the frame has not been removed, and the bolt should be removed to solve the problem. (2) The suspension system error can be solved by adjusting the system immediately. (3) In the case of sensor drift error, the weighing system can be re-calibrated. (4) The sensor may be damaged, and the sensor should be replaced immediately. 2. Reasons for the loss of control during the batching process: (1) It may be caused by the interference of the power supply or surrounding electrical equipment. At this time, the power of the batching controller should be immediately turned off and restarted. It is the placement of electrical equipment such as electric welding machines that are prone to interference. as far away from the batching machine as possible. (2) It may be that the power supply voltage is too high or too low. At this time, a voltage stabilizer can be added to the batching controller. (3) The ingredient controller is overheated, in this case, add sun protection facilities to it. 3. Reasons for not batching a certain material: When the motor wiring is loose, the phase is missing and the AC contactor of the strong point control part is damaged, the electrical control circuit should be checked to eliminate the fault. In the complete set of product processing equipment in the rubber factory, it is ideal that the production cycle of the batching equipment should be equal to or similar to the batching scale, so as to ensure that the batching mixing system has an accurate ratio, high mixing quality and normal operation, so that the production efficiency of the complete set of units can be ensured. To achieve the best state, so as to effectively increase the output and reduce the production cost. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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