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Appearance quality inspection standard of O-ring rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-11-19
This standard specifies the appearance quality inspection standard of O-ring rubber sealing ring (referred to as O-ring). According to the shape, characteristics and size of O-ring defects, the surface defects are classified and specified. 1 Letter symbol d1 - O-ring inner diameter d2 - O-ring section diameter e - Dislocation size f - Trimming convex back extension height and width i - Excessive trimming width g - Die-opening shrinkage crack width h——the depth of mold opening shrinkage j——flow marks (only allowed along the circumferential direction) length k——flow marks (only allowed along the circumferential direction) depth l——the length and width of concave and convex defects m——concave and convex Deep defect, height 2 quality grade 2.1 grade 2.1.1N grade (general grade): suitable for general use. 2.1.2S grade (higher grade): It is suitable for occasions where the appearance quality of heaven and earth is relatively high. 2.1.3 NZ grade, SZ grade (special grade): choose up to three types of defects in N grade or S grade, and specify higher appearance quality requirements, which are called NZ grade or SZ grade, and should be negotiated by both the supplier and the buyer. 2.2 The quality mark uses the letters specified in 3.1 as the appearance quality mark symbol. 3 Appearance quality 3.1 Dimensions The dimensions and tolerances of the finished O-ring should comply with GB3452.10 - 'Hydraulic Pneumatic O-ring Sealing Ring Dimensions and Tolerances' or relevant national standards. 3.2 General requirements O ring manufactures are not allowed to have pores, cracks and air bubbles; the surface should be smooth and clean, and the surface defects should not exceed the specified limit. 3.3 Surface defects The types of surface defects and their quality requirements of the O-ring shall meet the requirements in the table. Additional instructions for the maximum allowable limit of surface defects of O-shaped rubber seals seals: This standard is proposed by the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the People's Republic of China, and is under the jurisdiction of the Sealing Device Subcommittee of the National Hydraulic Pneumatic Standardization Technical Committee. This standard is drafted by the Northwest Industry Research Institute of the Ministry of Chemical Industry. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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