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Application and Storage of Silicone O-Rings

by:ORK      2022-10-30
Application and storage of silicone O-rings Silicone O ring manufactures are used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems and various industrial equipment and components, which float in different liquid and gaseous media under a specified pressure, in a static or dynamic state. Precautions for the application and storage of rubber seals O-rings: 1) Silicone O-rings generally cannot be reused; 2) When the silicone O-rings are installed in the pipe groove, remember not to distort the silicone O-rings; 3) When installing the silicone O-rings, Consider applying sealing material on the grooves and O-rings; 4) When silicone O-rings are not used, it is best not to open the original packaging of the O-rings to prevent dust from adhering to the rubber O-rings or mixing with foreign objects to cause rubber O ring manufactures. 5) The silicone O-ring should be kept away from direct sunlight or placed around high temperature heat such as boilers to prevent the rubber seals O-ring from aging; 6) In order to prevent the deformation of the O-ring and damage to the lip, the silicone O-ring should be Avoid tying on needles or wires; it should be noted that the rubber O-ring will occasionally change color during storage, that is, white powder on the surface of the rubber O-ring, which will not negatively affect the function of the rubber O-ring.
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