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Application parts and conditions of use of different profiles of rubber O-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-23
O ring manufactures are comprehensively designed from the aspects of profile sealing structure design, section selection, three-dimensional three-dimensional size, and use form simulation according to the application parts and use conditions of different profiles using professional design software. The silicone rubber material of the rubber O-ring can meet the following conditions in use: 1. Safe environment, good insulation, high temperature resistance, small compression deformation, strong elasticity; 2. Surface, uniform foam density; 3. Acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging , non-toxic; 4, good surface non-stick, good air permeability; 5, 100% high-quality rubber raw materials, and through strict inspection, in line with environmental requirements. Although our experience in designing rubber O-ring profiles is limited, and most of them focus on applied research, there is a lack of basic research on the correlation between material properties and product structural parameters, product structural parameters, and structure and use conditions. Design profile products often cannot meet the requirements of use at one time. O ring manufactures have the following advantages: the temperature is 125 degrees Celsius and the interval of 175 degrees Celsius high has the following points: B: outstanding performance in resisting ultraviolet rays and weather C: maintaining thermal conductivity D: very low water absorption and water vapor permeability Overrate E: No additional coating shield is required, even for outdoor use. O-ring finished product performance test is an important means to evaluate the rationality of formula, product structure parameter design and finished product performance. In recent years, there have been many supporting research and development of various models in China, but there is a lack of product performance testing for special rubber seals sealing profiles for aviation. The means and equipment can only perform various tests on some products or samples, and cannot truly reflect the state of the product in use and the impact of the actual working conditions on the product performance. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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