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Application Scope of Rubber Asbestos Gaskets and PTFE Gaskets

by:ORK      2022-11-05
Gasket Type Material Pressure MPa Temperature ℃ Applicable Medium PTFE Gasket PTFE Sheet≤3.0-108~250 concentrated acid, alkali, solvent, oil≤6.0≤4.0≤1.5≤450≤350≤200 concentrated acid, alkali, solvent, oil oil-resistant rubber asbestos board≤4.0-180~250 air, compressed air, inert gas, steam, ammonia, shift gas, coke oven gas, cracked gas, water, seawater, liquid ammonia, condensed water,≤90% sulfuric acid (mass fraction), salts, nitroammonium solution, sulfur ammonia solution, methylamine solution, caustic soda, freon, hydrocyanic acid, Kapron production medium, polystyrene production medium Asbestos rubber seals sealing products can be divided into the following Category 3: ① Gasket—Plate and sheet sealing products used on d and container flanges; ② Gaskets—Molded and sealed products used in pumps, valves and kettles; ③Packings—Rope and fleece seals for pumps, valves, kettles. Asbestos rubber sheet is a sealing material for pipe flanges, high pressure vessel flanges and various contact surfaces made of asbestos, rubber and compounding agents by rolling. Oil-resistant asbestos rubber seals sheet is a sealing material for pipe flanges, high-pressure container flanges and various contact surfaces, which are made of asbestos, oil-resistant rubber and compounding agents as the main raw materials. Reinforced asbestos rubber sheet is composed of asbestos rubber seals sheet and one or more layers of galvanized steel mesh (or non-embroidered steel mesh). Generally divided into oil-resistant reinforcing plate and high-pressure reinforcing plate. The number of layers of steel wire mesh is related to the thickness of the product. Generally speaking, when the thickness of the product increases by 1mm, a layer of steel wire mesh should be added. strength, making it resistant to high temperatures and pressures. Thin gaskets should be used in applications with high temperature and pressure. Thin gasket can play the role of metal gasket, it can also be said to play“plane and plane”For direct sealing, the roughness and flatness of the sealing surface should be high. The thickness of reinforced asbestos rubber sheet is generally not more than 3mm. https://www.orksealing.com/
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