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Are there services after silicone parts installation?
The services after silicone parts installation can be found in Ruichen Sealing Co., Ltd.. We highly emphasize the importance of service ranges after installing the products. They encompass all processes that come after the act of selling products and the contents include contacting via E-mail, sending purchasing coupons, delivering discounts for a second purchase, among others. In total, it aims to assist a customer in better using and maintaining a product, which could cater to customers, generate repeat customers, develop brand loyalty among customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Ruichen Sealing has years of expertise in the design and production of rubber seals and gaskets and has been remarked as on the most powerful manufacturer. The rubber cord series has become a hot product of Ruichen Sealing. Advanced testing machines have been adopted during the inspection of ORK rubber ball seal. They are flexing tester, abrasion resistance tester, impact & fatigue resistant testing machine, and so on. It helps maintains pressure throughout the machinery. One of its biggest selling pointsis good dimensional stability. It is not susceptible to mechanical forces, high temperatures or other external conditions. It is lightweight and can typically be reused.

We are committed to run business in a healthy and safe way. We conduct the corporation's activities centering on the clients, employees, and communities so as to ensure our sustainable development.
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