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Assembly and application precautions of sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-17
Precautions for assembly and application of the sealing ring: (1) It is not necessary to install it in the wrong direction and damage the lip. If there are 50 in the mouthμScars above m are likely to cause significant oil seepage. (2) Avoid forced installation. Instead of hammering, use a tool to press the sealing ring into the seat hole, and then use a simple barrel to maintain the mouth according to the splined shaft. Before assembling, rub some grease on your lips for ease of assembly and to avoid burns in the first hands-on. Take care to clean up. (3) Avoid expired applications. The service life of dynamic sealing plastic seals is generally 3000~50000 hours, and a new sealing ring should be replaced immediately. (4) The specifications of the dismantling and replacing the sealing ring should be the same. Strictly follow the provisions of the instructions for use to select the same specifications of the sealing ring, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed to shrink. (5) Prevent the use of old sealing rings. When applying a new sealing ring, the quality of the surface layer should be carefully checked before use, and it should be clear that there are no holes, protrusions, cracks, concave grooves and other defects, and it has sufficient ductility. (6) When assembling, the parts should be strictly cleaned, and common tools should be used to avoid scratching the fingers from the sharp edges of metal materials. (7) When removing and replacing the sealing ring, the pipe groove of the sealing ring should be strictly inspected to eliminate stains, and the bottom end of the pipe groove should be polished. (8) In order to avoid oil leakage caused by damage, the actual operation must be carried out in accordance with the regulations. At the same time, the equipment cannot be overweight for long periods of time or work in extreme environments.
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