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Automotive sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-04
Automotive rubber sealing strip is a new type of rubber sealing strip and environmentally friendly cars, because the performance is good, the market prospect is very good, is B type automobile rubber sealing strip seals industry development trend.     Mainly due to the current sedan rubber using non-renewable use epdm, therefore, the easy processing, is better than rubber, low comprehensive cost, waste recyclable thermoplastic elastomer, molded elastomer and mixed type elastomer material instead of epdm, rubber sealing strip production green cars, has a very broad prospects for development. Related companies in the United States production of thermoplastic elastomer at present has been used to ford, Volkswagen, Toyota, and production of Mercedes cars.     The United States and other developed countries currently sealing strip production enterprises have developed color sealing strip, sealing strip enterprises in China should also embark on color sealing strip of research and development, to meet the needs of different users. In addition, abroad have developed intelligent rubber products. Sealing strip in our country enterprise should pay attention to the world in time the development trend of intelligent material and intelligent polymer rubber products, develop intelligent rubber sealing strip with the intellectual property rights, strengthen enterprise competition ability.     With the continuous development of China's automobile industry, the market for automotive sealing strip, especially the car is higher and higher performance requirements of the sealing strip, need not only has excellent sealing, and beautiful, safety and environmental protection. In this demand, driven by automotive seal technology constantly, some new material, new technology and new equipment was put into actual production.     Due to the material requirements, process of automotive sealing strip is higher, for a long time, the domestic market to imported products. But with the rapid development of automobile industry, on the development of automotive sealing strip, China has speeded up the steps. If you need a custom rubber seal products: oil seal, o-rings, seals, and other rubber seals products, please find us
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