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Basic knowledge of the silica gel type O sealing ring - Dongguan DongSheng di sealing products co. , LTD

by:ORK      2020-08-04
Silica gel type O sealing ring is generally based on the silicone raw materials, combined with the conditions required to join the corresponding formula, make it meet the required performance requirements, then take you understand the basic knowledge of silica gel type O sealing ring. One, the advantages of the silica gel type O sealing ring 1, good electrical insulation, colorless, tasteless; 2, processing performance is good; 3, good heat resistance performance, Minus 60 degrees, and resistance to high temperature of 230 degrees) ; 4, such as silica gel type O sealing ring conform to the ROHS environmental protection requirements, through the FDA certification; 5, good appearance, can allocate a variety of color; 6, silica gel type O sealing ring with high resistivity, its resistance in a wide temperature and frequency range can be remained stable. At the same time has good resistance to high voltage corona discharge and arc discharge performance. 7, silica gel type O sealing ring long service life, high flexibility, anti-skid, shock-proof, packaging, storage room temperature storage (2 Avoid direct sunlight, the highest 32 & ordm; C/90º F) , when the store need to pay attention to cannot be stored in a moist environment. Silica gel type O sealing ring performance is good, environmental safety, more and more widely used in industry, not only the shadow of life without it. Professional manufacturer of sealing ring seal of 18 years, according to need to custom fit for the customer the silica gel type O sealing ring, if you have more questions, welcome to consultation.
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