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by:ORK      2022-11-26
Basic steps of rubber seal sealing operation If the rubber seals seal accidentally stains the non-construction part, it can be wiped clean with a cotton cloth dipped in alcohol. After opening, it should be used up every day, otherwise it needs to be tightly sealed and stored. The rubber seals seals are best constructed under the conditions of temperature 15-35°C and humidity 55%-75%RH. When the ambient temperature is lower than 10°C or the glue discharge speed cannot reach When it is required by the process, it is recommended to bake in a 60℃ oven for at least 30 minutes. The quality of the sealing directly affects the packaging effect, the storage and life of the packaging, and even affects the reputation of the packaging. To this end, sealing glue has become an important part of the packaging field. According to the form and use of sealing materials, it can be roughly divided into three categories: gasket sealing, tape sealing and colloidal sealing, all of which can prevent liquid leakage, block oxygen, moisture The purpose of air and odor entering, anti-counterfeiting, counterfeit and inferior products, anti-counterfeiting sealing, is a packaging sealing technology that has emerged in recent years. Generally, hot-melt adhesive point sealing or pressure-sensitive tape is used for sealing. Once the rubber seals seal packaging is removed, it will not be restored to its original state. This can prevent the appearance of fake and inferior products and protect the interests of consumers.
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