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by:ORK      2020-08-05
Have a kind of culture, moistens everything silently. There is a love, quietly into the heart. Staff birthday party, the most strong affection, the deepest love. We are lucky, in the most beautiful years together, in order to dream in the heart, together, together go, in time, because of you, no longer lonely, in the second quarter of the birthday girl happy birthday! Accompanying the birthday song, the official start of the staff birthday party. In the warm applause, the company is leading to the birthday girl to send blessings, and said that the development of the company depends on the joint efforts of every employee, hope that through each birthday party, can let all the employees feel the warmth of the family, more hope that we actively working in this big family, create a better future! During the banquet, the personnel department for birthday staff exciting dance and interesting interactive games. “ Straw transportation throughout the game &; It's not just a game entertainment, also reflect individual and team cooperation, solidarity and collaboration between each other, through the experience and practice, experience the importance of teamwork. Party end, the company offer is sweet and delicious cake for the birthday girl and issue the birthday gift, celebrate the growth of the age, they are grateful their companies to pay for the youth. The cake was cut in the music of 'happy birthday', sweet happiness be Shared here, I wish every birthday girl happy birthday, happy forever!
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