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Can a secondary application be repaired after a broken O-ring?

by:ORK      2022-11-20
Ask a question: If the O-ring is broken during the whole process of application, can the secondary application be repaired after the fracture? Response: First of all, let’s understand the reason for the fracture of the O-ring. This kind of situation generally occurs in the spray-welded sealing ring. If the selected sealing ring material is relatively brittle, then in the whole process of electric welding, there is no standard actual operation and heat treatment process, which is very likely to cause stress cracks. In addition, the material selection is not good, and the situation of the design scheme is inconsistent The working pressure and temperature will also cause fracture problems. In addition, during the entire application process, the protruding surface of the O-ring will cause ammonia embrittlement. Can the O-ring be repaired for secondary applications after it is broken? It is possible, but the area of ​​the gap must be eliminated first to understand that the gap is getting more and more glossy, and unnecessary dust and residue must be removed. Then use the welding wire with better plastic deformation as the inner lap, and then refurbish it into spray welding. If the crack is relatively large, then the connection layer must be used. In the whole process of repair welding, a short arc can be used, which can reduce the damage of heat generation to the O-ring. Heating must be carried out before spray welding. After electric welding, the temperature cannot be cooled immediately, and it should be cooled slowly until after cooling. , and let it take shape. In the process of welding and completing the O-ring, professional welding tools should be used, the welding tip and protruding surface should be vertical or a certain angle of view should be reserved, and the wire feeding of the welding machine should be symmetrical. As a commonly used hydraulic seal, there are more and more types of O-rings, and the difficulty factor for customers to choose is also higher and higher. In order to better ensure the excellent airtightness under application conditions, O-rings are selected. These aspects are very important! First of all, we must connect its main parameters such as constant elongation stress, tensile compressive strength, permanent deformation at break, elongation, especially its tensile compressive strength is very important , when the O-ring is stretched, it is continuously stretched until the breaking point, and the tensile stress that can be borne. In addition, several main parameters are also very important. To put it bluntly, the elongation rate is the deformation of the product when the O-ring is subjected to tensile stress, and the ratio of the increase in elongation to the original length. The stress that should be achieved when the elongation is short. At present, many O ring manufactures are made of rubber seals. Therefore, when we choose O-rings, we must also consider the strength of the rubber seals. The strength indicates the working ability of the rubber to resist external working pressure. Generally speaking, rubber The higher the strength of the O-ring, the better the compressive strength of the O-ring, and the better the wear resistance, but it is not easy to withstand cold, so the strength of the O-ring must be selected according to the application conditions. In addition, the shrinking characteristics of the O-ring must also be taken into account. Since the O-ring is often used in a shrinking state, because the rubber seals itself has a certain viscoelasticity, the shrinking stress will become more and more after shrinking. Slack, once the working pressure is removed, the foundation cannot respond to the original characteristics, thus jeopardizing the actual effect of sealing. As we all know, the selection of the sealing and the scope of application of the O-ring is very closely related to its raw materials, so we When choosing an O-ring, you should pay attention to the following aspects: (1) The O-ring should have good ductility and resilience (2) It should have a certain impact toughness, such as expanding compressive strength, rebounding Elastic compressive strength, etc. (3) It has stable characteristics and is not easy to be solubilized in different substances (4) The specification of the O-ring is highly accurate (5) It is not easy to corrode the surface and is not easy to the environment. Pollution.
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