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Can I get any discount on rubber parts for automotive in my first order?
For some special period, Ruichen Sealing Co., Ltd. provides first purchase discounts on rubber parts . Give a chance to learn us, and you may be offered with the welcome discount! Discount applies to items at regular price only and is valid only for first-time customers. All discounts including the welcome discount are subject to review and approval, and may be subject to additional restrictions. It is mainly because we need to promote our new product through discount plan. Please do contact us to confirm the discount.

Ruichen Sealing is an ever-growing Chinese company that specializes in designing and manufacturing x ring seals. We are known for our expertise and experience. The rubber products series has become a hot product of Ruichen Sealing. An increase in body temperature of only a few degrees can interrupt sleep and can lead to sleepless nights. Yet this product is designed to solve this problem. It brings cost-effectiveness because it is cheap. The product allows people to remain comfortable, keeping moisture from building up and avoiding the breeding of fungus. It can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Highly competent teams are the backbone of our company. Their high-performance work results in the superior performance of the company, which translates into a significant competitive advantage.
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