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Causes of mechanical seal O-ring leakage

by:ORK      2022-11-09
Leakage of mechanical seal O ring manufactures Root causes and identification of mechanical seal O-ring leakage Leakage during assembly static test After the mechanical seal is assembled and adjusted, a static test is generally carried out to observe the leakage. If the leakage is small, there are more common problems with the dynamic ring or the static ring sealing ring; when the leakage is relatively large, it means that there is a problem between the friction pairs of the dynamic and static rings. On the basis of basic observation of the leakage amount and identification of the leakage location, manually open the gate to observe, if there is no significant change in the leakage amount, what is the problem with the static and dynamic sealing rings; if there is a change in the leakage amount when the gate is opened, it can be judged It is the problem of the friction pair of the dynamic and static rings; if the leaking material is ejected in the radial direction, the problem of the sealing ring of the moving ring accounts for the majority, and the leaking material is sprayed around or leaked from the cooling hole of the water cooling, it is more common The static ring seal ring is invalid. In addition, leakage safety channels can also exist together, but generally there are differences in order, as long as you observe carefully and understand the structure, you must be able to distinguish them properly. Leaks that occurred during commissioning. After the mechanical seal of the pump passes the static test, the centripetal force formed by the high-speed operation during operation will prevent the leakage of substances. Therefore, the leakage of the mechanical seal during the test run is mostly caused by the destruction of the friction pairs of the dynamic and static rings after the clearance between the shafts and the sealing of the bearing end cover is invalid. The factors that cause the sealing failure of the friction pair are as follows: (l) In actual operation, due to abnormal conditions such as pumping time, cavitation, pressure holding, etc., a large axial force is caused, so that the contact areas of the dynamic and static rings are separated; ( 2) When the mechanical seal is assembled, the shrinkage is too large, resulting in serious damage and abrasion of the inner hole of the friction pair; (3) The sealing ring of the moving ring is too tight, and the torsion spring cannot adjust the radial fluctuation of the moving ring; (4) The sealing ring of the static ring is too loose. When the dynamic ring fluctuates radially, the static ring gets rid of the static ring seat; (5) There are colloidal chemicals in the material during operation, which enter the friction pair during operation, and the sealing performance of the dynamic and static rings is detected by flaw detection. Inner hole; (6) The model selection of the design scheme is incorrect, the sealing inner hole is slightly lower than the pressure or the heat shrinkage of the sealing material is relatively large, etc. The above situation often occurs in the trial operation, and sometimes it can be removed by adjusting the static ring seat appropriately, but most of them must be disassembled again to replace the sealing.
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