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Causes of oil seal leakage

by:ORK      2022-11-14
Causes of oil seal leakage Most of the oil leakage of oil seals is caused by the damage of oil floating on the main lip, and a small part is caused by the abnormal cooperation of the casing. Therefore, the oil seal, installation, application and maintenance will be designed to analyze and prevent the factors affecting the stability. Analyze some common factors of oil seal leakage, understand and understand the process from multiple perspectives, so as to improve the good operation of industrial equipment and the service life of seals. Parts machining accuracy level: 1. The main lip or outer side of the oil seal is scratched during the machining process, the quality of the torsion spring is poor or invalid, and the main lip gripping force is too small, which will cause the oil seal to leak; 2. The difference in the surface thickness of the shaft will increase the oil seal and the oil seal. The friction between the shafts will accelerate the damage of the main lip and reduce the sealing performance, but the appearance roughness of the shaft should not be too high, otherwise the extracted surface will be too smooth, which will affect the formation of oil slick; The burr scratches the oil seal, and the chamfering of the shell hole where the oil seal is installed should not have burrs; Structural design level: 1. The oil seal sealing material should be used in the design. The temperature used. The appropriate material is used for the pressure in the cavity, etc.; 2 .When the equipment is often at extremes. The ambient temperature difference is large. When operating in an environment with a lot of floating dust, the anti-fouling lip of the oil seal will be ineffective faster than normal, affecting the service life of the oil seal. It is very important to choose the anti-fouling lip of the oil seal. important. Application and maintenance level: When the new machine is running, the industrial equipment must regularly replace the grease of the gearbox as required to prevent foreign matter such as iron pins generated by the gearbox gear from being unable to be removed, accumulating on the main lip of the oil seal, damaging the oil slick, damaging the oil seal, cause water leakage. When encountering oil seal oil leakage, the oil seal oil leakage problem should be systematically analyzed from many aspects, the common water leakage problems of oil seals should be compared according to experience, the reasons should be analyzed according to theory and experience, and then the countermeasures to solve the problem should be proposed, so as to make the industrial equipment operate efficiently and improve the sealing performance. service life!
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