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Characteristics and main uses of 'raw material' of special rubber seals!

by:ORK      2022-10-31
1. Which vulcanized rubber materials are used in some vulcanized rubber seals? Some rubber sealing rings are made of layers. The most common sealing materials are nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) or nitrile butadiene rubber, because it has very good wear resistance, wear resistance, anti-penetration and other comprehensive mechanical equipment functions. Several advantages are widely used in the hydraulic press seal management system. The production and processing of silicone rubber products with silicone rubber as the key raw material are called silicone rubber seals products. Silicone rubber is a porous structure chemical substance with different particle sizes, which is formed by moderate drying of silicic acid. Porous material that is open to the outside world, can absorb many chemical substances, and is a very good moisture-proof agent, absorbent and metal catalyst. O ring manufactures are generally used to use O ring manufactures with large cross-sections as much as possible. Under the condition of the same gap, the volume of the O-rings squeezed into the gap should be lower than the larger specified value for the O-ring to be squeezed into. The O-ring is a circular-shaped mechanical equipment gasket. It is a ring-shaped polyurethane elastomer with a ring-shaped cross-section. It is generally fixed in a concave groove. During the whole process of assembly, it will be replaced by two or two The parts on the top shrink, thus creating a sealed socket. The natural environment temperature of organic chemistry in some industrial chains is higher, or the internal operation speed of machinery and equipment is faster, and it is not good for some to use nitrile rubber when the temperature rises. The higher temperature of fluorine rubber is likely to run abnormally in an office environment of 200 ° C, and it is suitable for the working range with high temperature requirements, indicating its heat resistance characteristics. Fluorine rubber sealing ring is a kind of sealing product made of fluorine rubber as the key material, and fluorine rubber is a polymer composed of raw materials. The pure natural rubber sealing ring is a solid substance made from the collected pure natural latex through coagulation, drying and other production and processing processes, and it is also a natural polymer chemical substance. Its physical properties have high ductility at room temperature, slightly plastic deformation, very good impact toughness, small backward loss, low heat generation during frequent deformation, so its flexural flexibility is also very good, and Since it is a non-polar vulcanized rubber, it has excellent insulating properties. 2. Summarize the functional advantages of the rubber sealing ring are as follows: the rubber sealing ring material has good ductility and high elongation; Its comprehensive function; it has very good wear resistance, air permeability resistance and insulation function. In the office environment with higher requirements, the rubber sealing ring also has very good wear resistance, heat resistance, and cold resistance; the rubber sealing ring also has a food-grade stainless steel material, which can be used to seal food or medical products. circle use. The advantageous materials and functions of vulcanized rubber seals are very popular in the sealing field, and are widely used in the sealing management system of hydraulic transmission system, mineral gear oil material environment, high pressure/bottom pressure environment, high temperature/ultra low temperature environment, petrochemical equipment field. Therefore, the rubber sealing ring is a very, very worthy seal.
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