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Characteristics and material of rubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-11-06
Characteristics and materials of rubber seals: It is used to install on various mechanical equipment, under the specified temperature and pressure and in different liquids and gases, in static or moving states. Material analysis of rubber seals 1. Fluorine rubber : With high temperature resistance, it can be used in the environment of -30℃-+250℃, resistant to strong oxidants, oil, acid and alkali. Usually used in high temperature, high vacuum and high pressure environment, suitable for oil environment. Due to its various excellent properties, fluororubber is widely used in petroleum, chemical, aviation, aerospace and other sectors. 2. Silicone rubber seals: It has outstanding high and low temperature resistance, maintains good elasticity in the temperature range of -70°C-+260°C, and has the advantages of ozone resistance and weathering resistance. It is suitable for sealing lining in thermal machinery. pad. Because it does not have any toxicity, it can be used to make thermal insulation, insulation products and medical rubber products. 3. Nitrile rubber: It has excellent oil resistance and aromatic solvent performance, but it is not resistant to ketones, esters and chlorinated media, so oil-resistant sealing products are mainly made of nitrile rubber. 4. Neoprene rubber: It has good oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical medium and other properties, but it is not resistant to aromatic oils. It is characterized by excellent weather resistance and ozone aging resistance. In production, chloroprene rubber is usually used to make door and window sealing strips and diaphragms and general vacuum sealing products; 5. EPDM: It has good temperature resistance, weather resistance and ozone aging resistance. Most widely used. 6. PTFE composite gasket is a new type of sealing material which is made of PTFE and high-quality all-in-one rubber seals, and is compounded by a special production process. It combines the excellent characteristics of PTFE and rubber, so that the The product not only has excellent corrosion resistance, but also high temperature resistance, non-toxicity, anti-stickiness, and good elasticity and sealing. Company website:
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