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Characteristics of fluororubber O-rings

by:ORK      2022-11-05
Characteristics of fluororubber O ring manufactures Fluoroplastic O ring manufactures are one of the more common O ring manufactures now, and are widely used because of their excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance. How many degrees of continuous high temperature? How about the hardness and compression resistance? Heat resistance: -25~280℃. There are some special perfluoroplastics that can be used at 300°C Hardness: 50-85 degrees, the general hardness is 70 degrees Tone: can be prepared, generally gray-black is the more commonly used fluorine rubber O-ring pressure: 10-20Mpa Application areas : It can be applied to a variety of vehicles, electronic devices, aerospace, ships, metallurgical industry, machinery and equipment with very high precision, heat resistance, super wear resistance, and harsh operating environments. Applicable substances: light fuel oil, gear oil, organic solution, concentrated acid, strong bismuth wetting agent, lubricating grease, gasoline gear oil for gasoline and diesel vehicles, synthetic motor oil, etc. Unsuitable substances: booster oil, phenothiazine, low relative Molecular weight of lipids and mixed substances containing nitrate; the main characteristics of fluorine rubber seals are heat resistance and solvent corrosion resistance, and have good aging resistance and anti-active oxygen characteristics, and the gas permeability is also very low. Even in very extreme operating conditions, it still has very good wear resistance. Fluorine rubber can bear the working temperature of +200 degrees or below, and can also operate under oil-free conditions in a short period of time.
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