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Characteristics of fluororubber sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-10-21
The characteristics of the fluoroelastomer seal The fluoroelastomer material (fluoroelastomer seal) is a high polymer of polymethacrylic acid fluoride and hexafluorope. According to the difference of its chemical formula and fluorine composition, the solvent resistance and ultra-low temperature resistance of fluoroelastomer materials are also different. Known for its effects on weather, oxidation, mineral oils, light fuel oils, motor oils, aromatics and many organic chemical aqueous solutions and chemicals. Relevant practical trademark patterns, the best use temperature under rotary sealing is limited to about -26°C (-15°F) to the middle of 282°C (450°F). At 282°C, its application life will be reduced. The most suitable temperature for use under dynamic seal is -15°C to 280°C. Low temperature can reach -40°C. Fluoroelastomer materials are generally used in automobile manufacturing, analytical chemical manufacturing, aerospace due to their excellent fire rating, airtightness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance, flame retardant rating, water resistance and weather resistance. Aviation is an industry with many heavy lifting. It is worth mentioning that fluoroelastomer material seals can only be used under high vacuum specifications, and other plastics cannot be used for airtightness below 1.33*10-7pa. Excellent domestic and foreign manufacturers all use it to produce products. For example, Midea's product seals use this type of material. Silicone rubber sealing ring: both high temperature resistance (maximum 300 ℃), and ultra-low temperature resistance (-100 ℃), it is the best low temperature and high temperature resistant rubber; at the same time, it has excellent insulation properties, and has very high stability to causticization and ozone. Analytical chemistry is very malleable. The disadvantage is that the mechanical tensile strength is low, the solvent resistance, washing resistance and acid and alkali resistance are poor, it is called difficult rubber seals material, and the practical value is more expensive. Fluorine rubber sealing ring Fluorine rubber seals sealing ring: high temperature resistance can reach 300 ℃, not afraid of strong oxidants, wear resistance is the best in oil-resistant rubber, anti-electromagnetic radiation and high vacuum; it is a unique styrene-butadiene rubber with multiple functions . The disadvantages are poor performance, valuable practical value, poor cold resistance, low plasticity and air permeability.
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