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Characteristics of plastic seals

by:ORK      2022-10-17
The characteristics of plastic seals The raw material of plastic seals is what people often call natural rubber, which refers to the natural latex collected from cinnamon trees, which is a solid substance made by coagulation, drying and other processing procedures. Natural rubber is a pure natural inorganic compound with polyisoprene as the main component. , oleic acid, sugar and ash, etc. Physical properties of natural rubber. Natural rubber has high ductility at room temperature, slightly plastic deformation, very good impact toughness, small backward damage, low heat during several deformations, so its flexural flexibility is also very good, and because it is non-polar. Plastic, so the insulation properties are excellent. Plastic, together with plastic and chemical fiber, is called the three major composite materials. It is the only fiber material with relatively high elasticity and good ductility. The biggest feature of plastic is that the elastic mold is very small and the elongation rate is very high. The second is that it has quite good air permeability and resistance to various chemical substances and insulation characteristics. Some special styrene-butadiene rubbers have better wear resistance and heat resistance, and can resist the solubilization of fatty oils, lubricating greases, gear oils, light fuel oils and their aromatic oils; low temperature resistance can be as low as -60°C to -80℃, high temperature resistance can be as high as +180℃ to +350℃. Plastic is also resistant to various flexing and bending deformation, and the damage is small due to backwardness. The third characteristic of plastic is that it can be used, blended and compounded with a variety of raw materials to develop modified materials to obtain better overall performance.
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