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by:ORK      2020-07-06
Silicone seal ring due to the diversity of application, promote it can be used in many things, want to tell you about today is used silica gel on the oil seal, engine oil such as sealing liquid, it itself will have to steam pressure, the application of silicone seal, must better, silicone seal plastic will melt into the deformation produced by the steam pressure, knead knead forming. The oil in the hydraulic control system, ( Liquid) In addition to the harm of seal airtight sex characteristics intermiscibility chemicals/rubber products, refined oil wholesale of viscosity, viscosity changes with temperature, reciprocating ( Rotation) Exercise velocity, pressure and axial hydraulic oil cylinder, the engine oil pan, or raw materials, compressive strength, the graph shape, surface RunHua degrees, as well as the structure of the seal harm lubrication film production and film characteristics of factors, both expected effect in sealing. In general, produce the lubricating film again to get the ideal expected effect in sealing. Silicone seal Japan NOK company initially in today's society with the latest dynamic image processing professional description clear skeleton seal airtight sex basic concepts. Feel the skeleton seal ( Rotary dynamic sealing) The basic principle of lubrication in sealing characteristics and basic concepts in sealing is divided into two parts. Lubrication characteristics: skeleton seal friction characteristics influenced by the viscosity of the fluid dynamics and towing speed control, skeleton seal and shaft relative drag surface under the lubrication condition of floating oil extraction exercise, thus maintain small frictional resistance, small. Basic concepts in sealing: skeleton seal drag and drop the liquidity to large gas side of the surface oil injection oil side and from the oil side injection gas side of the respiratory system. Drag and drop the lubrication quality, can prevent the damage of and no leakage. Basic knowledge in sealing feeling: cooperate with each other in a crossed the flexible sealing and surface layers management center is the actual lubricating film. In all normally, but also with the help of this layer of lubricant and seal life span closure purpose. Again when the system is high speed for fitness, the harm of the production of lubricating film, friction heat, heat across rubber seals products industry, causes the damage of the seals. When the pressure is too large, in addition to harm floating oil, may also the rubber insulation board seal & other; Squeeze gap & quot; Add & other role, generally can be used; Flat washer & quot; To improve. Or pick small friction, since the raw strong sex of PTFE seal structure will benefit to improve the center of the friction pair lubrication, high low gear available continuously fitness and high pressure system of the hydraulic oil cylinder hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic cylinder sealing. According to system load specification and chemical geography reasonably using seals and rubber seals products, appropriate application installation and maintenance of the seals, is expected in sealing effect to obtain effective, efficiency and service life of the key. Oil for the silicone seal of its thickness not so stringent regulation, thus all normal thickness is ok, just for the silicone seal plasticity requirements is very high, so in manufacturing the silicone seal process, combined with plastic raw materials, the share will be necessary to adjust again, to manufacture high quality silica gel seal ring. Above is simple for everyone to seal products manufacturer said something about the characteristics of the silicone seal, hope to be of help. 19 years specializing in the production of O ring seal products manufacturer foam sealing strip of the auto parts and other rubber seals products, according to the size of the customers, samples, drawings to design customized, hotline: to order.
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