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Choose the right type O sealing ring the two problems need to know!

by:ORK      2020-07-03
Selected for the appropriate type O sealing ring for the product's overall sealing performance and service life has an important relationship, therefore in both custom and buy ready-made sealing ring are need to pay attention to material and compress the two problems. Want to choose the suitable type O sealing ring, you first need to determine the type O sealing ring material, at present commonly used for type O sealing ring made of NBR NBR, NR, natural rubber seals, EPDM EPDM, HNBR hydrogenated nitrile rubber, FQM or VMQ silicon rubber, FKM fluorine rubber, the RP rubber seals and rubber seals, PTFE teflon, etc. Above material has the performance of each is different, have oil resistant, resistant to chemicals, high and low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. , so when choosing the type O sealing ring need to know how is the product of working conditions, such as where, what needs to be resistance, work, life, so you can choose to material. When selecting the type O sealing ring compression quantity is also very important, because the selection is not correct, is not in the product assembly without seal assembly is too tight, so that no effective sealing effect. That we how to correctly choose the amount of compression type O sealing ring? The amount of compression type O sealing ring is mainly determined by its hardness and material, if the hardness is 70 degrees, the compression amount equal to 20%. That, of course, the hardness of type O sealing ring is lower, the greater the amount of compression, it is mainly used for low pressure. Whereas the higher hardness, the less the amount of compression, it is mainly used for high pressure, high voltage, small resistance of environment use. Sometimes is not the quality of the sealing ring is not good, but not the right product, different capable person plays a different role, so the material selection is also important, if you don't know the performance of the material, manufacturers welcome consulting sealing ring, 17 years manufacturer for you to customize the right seal:.
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