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Choosing a fluorine rubber o-rings need to pay attention to what problem?

by:ORK      2020-07-03
Fluorine rubber seals type O sealing ring due to the medium resistance, heat resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance performance is good, so are often used to all kinds of power plants, oil system, metallurgy system in the condition of high demand, so in the choice of fluorine rubber type O sealing ring, sealing ring manufacturer suggests we should pay attention to the following questions. 1, fluorine rubber type O sealing ring is suitable for the demands high moderate Gao Huaxue stability of the environment, mainly for high additives, lubricants and other special environment. 2, when choosing seal suitable material, besides considering the seals are temperature range, consider a liquid or gas in contact with nature. Expansion or contraction of elastomer and chemical stability are all important factors which influence the stability of the seals. 3, fluorine rubber is used to protect seals is not affected by high corrosive environment, suitable for high fever mild chemical stability have strict requirements of industrial and mining applications. Fluorine rubber can tolerate up to 200 ℃ temperature, depending on the polymer structure and the crosslinking system. Diamine, bisphenol a, or peroxide crosslinking effect is produced. Fluorine content determine chemical stability, the higher the fluorine content, fluorine rubber type O sealing ring that can tolerate more highly corrosive environment. 4, for public vehicles and mobile machinery, packing materials need to satisfy the application of temperature and surrounding medium is extremely harsh conditions. Due to the high oil additive content and working temperature rising, the temperature is more and more strict and chemical stability. 5、“ Alkali resistant & throughout; Type fluorine rubber type O sealing ring used for shaft and drive standard FKM materials using bisphenol a crosslinked copolymers or trimer, will be affected by these high oil additives chemical corrosion damage. It is based on this reason, & other; Alkali resistant & throughout; Type fluorine rubber material, this material has high stability in high oil additives. Above is to choose some points of the fluorine rubber seals type O sealing ring, if you have more questions, welcome to contact seal 17 years of development, production experience, has a group of professional technical engineers, can according to customer demand for the customer design suitable oil seal, figure design: welcome to.
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