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Classification and application of common reciprocating seals

by:ORK      2022-10-23
1. Dust-proof ring and dust-proof ring can be divided into lip-shaped dust-proof ring, Tecon combination dust-proof ring and Zuokang combination dust-proof ring, among which lip-shaped dust-proof ring can be divided into lip-shaped dust-proof ring with skeleton, non- Skeleton lip wiper. ①Frame lip dustproof ring: It uses the interference fit between the skeleton and the cavity hole to prevent falling off. The lip of the dustproof ring is flush with the end of the cylinder head. This structure can prevent the lip from being damaged by external causes. It is mostly used in construction machinery, garbage trucks and other occasions where the lip of walking machinery is easily damaged (Figure 3-27). ②Frameless lip dustproof ring: it is installed in the closed groove at the front end of the cylinder head, and the lip must be slightly protruded from the end of the cylinder head in order to easily remove the dirt blocked by the lip. It is easy to install and has the widest application. It can be used for general industrial hydraulics, walking hydraulics and pneumatics (Figure 3-25, 3-28, 3-29, 3-30, 3-31). ③Tecon combination dustproof ring (PTFE + rubber seals): It uses the elasticity of the O-ring to perform real-time wear compensation on the worn PTFE lip, and can be used with O ring manufactures of different materials In the occasion of high speed, high temperature and special working medium (Figure 3-26). ④Zuo Kang combination dust ring (polyurethane + rubber seals): not commonly used, the structure is the same as the Turcon combination dust ring, the difference is that the polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) part is changed to polyurethane (Pu). It uses the elasticity of the O-ring to perform real-time wear compensation for the worn polyurethane (Pu) lip, which has the advantage of longer life than ordinary lip wipers. (Picture 3-26) Precautions for the use of dustproof rings: All dustproof rings cannot bear pressure, that is, they do not have a sealing function. Their function is only to prevent dust. It must be used in conjunction with other seals. The lip of the dust ring contacts the piston rod eyelet or the opposite side of the wrench and is cut. 2. Shaft seals Shaft seals can be divided into shaft lip seals and shaft combined seals. ①Shaft lip seal: Y-ring for shaft and its derivatives (Yx-ring, U-ring, buffer ring, etc.), bud ring for shaft, T-ring for shaft. ②Combination sealing ring for shaft: Coaxial combination sealing ring for shaft (Ster seal), V-shaped combination ring for shaft, multifunctional compact combination ring for shaft (SM: B+S). 3. Sealing rings for holes Sealing rings for holes can be divided into lip sealing rings for holes and combined sealing rings for holes. ①Lip seal for holes: Y-rings for holes and their derivatives (Y-ring, Yx-ring, U-ring), bud-rings for holes, T-rings for holes, suitable for pneumatic and overall Type piston seal (DP/DK: Parker), automatic compensation thin compact seal (PZ: Parker). ②Combination sealing ring for holes: coaxial combination sealing ring for holes (grid ring for holes, special sealing for holes) and its derivatives (Peng seal: B+S, OK seal: Parker, SPG: NOK, SPGW: NOK, etc.), V-shaped combination ring for holes, multi-functional compact combination ring for holes (DAS: B+S, DSM: B+S, ZW: Parker, ZX: Parker, etc.). 4. Guide ring Strictly speaking, it does not belong to a seal because it does not have a sealing function. In a broad sense, it can also be said to be a seal, because it is an indispensable supporting role in the sealing combination structure. Guide ring, also known as wear ring, support ring, when supplied in rolls, also called guide belt, wear belt, etc. Its function is to guide and absorb radial force on the piston and piston rod. Compared with metal wear rings, it has many advantages, mainly in: it can absorb mechanical vibration; it allows a large radial gap, and the piston rod will not be different due to the slightly poor coaxiality; it is easy to maintain and replace, and the cost is relatively high. Low. Its materials are mainly modified polytetrafluoroethylene, phenolic resin + cloth fabric, polyoxymethylene + glass fiber, etc. Modified PTFE guide ring: low starting resistance, not easy to crawl at low speed; low friction, suitable for high-speed, medium and light load cylinders and hydraulic cylinders (the cylinder basically uses this guide ring); add fillers such as graphite It can then be applied to cylinders without oil lubrication. Phenolic resin + cloth fabric, polyoxymethylene + glass fiber guide ring: its bearing capacity can reach dozens or even more than one hundred times that of modified PTFE guide ring, suitable for heavy-duty, high-pressure hydraulic cylinder occasions. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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