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Classification and installation of rubber sealing rings

by:ORK      2022-11-07
Attention should be paid to the installation and use of the sealing ring: (1) Do not install in the wrong direction and damage the lip. If there are 50 on the lipsμScratches above m may lead to obvious oil leakage. (2) Prevent forced installation. Can not be knocked in with a hammer, but use a special tool to press the sealing ring into the seat hole, and then use a simple cylinder to protect the lip through the spline. Before installation, apply some lubricating oil to the lips to facilitate installation and prevent burns during initial operation. Pay attention to cleaning. (3) Prevent overdue use. The service life of the rubber seals seal of the dynamic seal is generally 3000-5000h, and the new sealing ring should be replaced in time. (4) The size of the replacement sealing ring should be the same. It is necessary to strictly follow the requirements of the manual and select the same size sealing ring, otherwise the requirements such as compaction cannot be guaranteed. (5) Avoid using old sealing rings. When using a new sealing ring, it is also necessary to carefully check its surface quality to ensure that there are no defects such as small holes, protrusions, cracks and grooves, and that it has sufficient elasticity before use. (6) During installation, all parts of the opened hydraulic system should be cleaned strictly first, and it is best to use special tools to prevent sharp metal edges from scratching fingers. (7) When replacing the sealing ring, the groove of the sealing ring should be strictly checked, the dirt should be removed, and the bottom of the groove should be polished. (8) In order to prevent oil leakage caused by damage, it must be operated in accordance with the regulations.
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