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Classification and precautions of properties of silicone rubber seals

by:ORK      2022-10-14
The organic chemical two-component and physical structure of silicone rubber Silicagel determine many characteristics that cannot be replaced by similar sealing ring raw materials, such as high adsorption characteristics, good heat resistance, stable physical properties, and high impact toughness. According to its characteristics and components, it can be divided into two categories: silicone rubber and inorganic silicone rubber, and according to its composition, it can be divided into extruded silicone rubber and compression-molded silicone rubber. As everyone knows, extruded silicone rubber is more common. For example, the sealing ring on the rice cooker installed in the family is called the rice cooker silicone rubber sealing ring; the appearance of the pressure-molded silicone rubber is irregular and complicated, such as silicone rubber bowls, silicone rubber ice trays, and silicone rubber solid models. The net weaving below tells you what to pay attention to in the selection of sealing ring materials? 1. Operating speed of mechanical equipment: The adaptability of silicone sealing ring materials to the rate of molecular thermal motion is different. Some general raw materials cannot be integrated into the operation of high-speed mechanical equipment. Therefore, the sealing ring material needs to be of high quality, so that it can be used for high-speed operation. 2. Operating working pressure: The material of the sealing ring is aimed at the working pressure in the work. The materials are different, and the work pressure they can bear is completely different. If the material is raw oil, the working pressure it bears is smaller. If the working pressure is beyond the scope of the material, the service life of the silicone seal will be reduced. 3. Working temperature and operating temperature of machinery and equipment: When selecting the sealing ring material, in addition to paying attention to the running speed, working pressure, and material compatibility, it is also necessary to pay attention to the temperature. The temperature is also harmful to the material of the sealing ring. If the temperature is too high or too low, it is not good. If it is too high, it will reduce the tensile strength and strength of the sealing ring. If the temperature is too low, it will cause the sealing The rings are getting too brittle. 4. Substance compatibility: This is a very important function for the selection of sealing ring materials. Some sealing ring materials will immediately come into contact with substances. If the compatibility of the two is not very good, it will inevitably cause damage to the sealing ring damage or environmental pollution to the substance. In addition, the raw material of the sealing ring cannot be etched away in detail, nor can it produce chemical changes with substances.
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