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Classification and selection of hydraulic seals

by:ORK      2022-11-01
Hydraulic seals commonly used in hydraulic cylinders mainly include O ring manufactures, lip seals and combined seals. 1. O-ring O-ring O-ring has an O-shaped section, simple shape, rubber material, and its wear resistance is not as good as that of polyurethane, so it is mainly used for static sealing in hydraulic systems. 2. Lip seal U-shaped seal: U-shaped seal has better sealing performance, but it is easy to roll over when used alone. The frictional resistance of U-shaped seal is large and increases with the increase of working pressure. Therefore, the U-shaped sealing ring is only suitable for hydraulic cylinders with low working pressure or low moving speed. V-shaped sealing ring: The V-shaped sealing ring must be used with the support ring and the pressure ring. The sealing performance of the V-shaped sealing ring is better. The number of sealing rings used can be determined according to the working pressure. The sealing ring can be compensated by adjusting the pressure ring. The disadvantage of the V-shaped sealing ring is that the structure is complex and its frictional resistance is large. Therefore, the V-shaped sealing ring is only suitable for the hydraulic cylinder with low moving speed and high working pressure. YX-shaped sealing ring: YX-shaped sealing ring has a ratio of section width to height greater than 2, and based on the requirements for stability in use, the working lip of YX-shaped sealing ring is shorter than the non-working lip, so it is divided into YX-shaped sealing for holes YX-shaped sealing ring is used for the ring and shaft, and the YX-shaped sealing ring will not roll over when used, so the YX-shaped sealing ring is suitable for the selection of high-pressure and high-speed hydraulic cylinders. 3. Bud-shaped ring for combined seals: The bud-shaped ring is composed of the superposition of a synthetic rubber O-ring and a cloth-clothed Y-ring, which produces a high initial contact on the sealing surface by its own deformation. stress, preventing the leakage of unpressurized liquids. When the hydraulic cylinder is working, the pressure oil makes the elastic deformation of the O-ring seal, and always squeezes and spreads the sealing lip of the Y-ring seal to make it close to the sealing surface, and together with the initial contact stress, prevents the leakage of the pressure oil. . Gree ring: Gree ring is composed of O-shaped rubber seals seal and square seal filled with PTFE. Gree ring can be divided into hole-use Gree ring and shaft-use Gree ring. Their sealing mechanism is the same, and their deformation produces a higher initial contact stress on the sealing surface, preventing the leakage of pressureless liquid. When the hydraulic cylinder is working, the pressure oil causes the elastic deformation of the O-ring seal to squeeze the square seal ring, making it close to the sealing surface, and together with the initial contact stress to prevent the leakage of the pressure oil. Step seal: The structure of the step seal is similar to that of the Gree ring, and it is also composed of an O-shaped rubber seals seal and a special shape rectangular or trapezoidal seal filled with PTFE. There are special seals for holes and special seals for shafts. The sealing function and sealing mechanism of the special seals are the same as those of the Glyn ring, but the special seals only have a one-way sealing effect. The common feature of Stepfon and Glynn is that they are filled with PTFE, which has low friction, no crawling and long service life. Want to know more:
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