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Classification and storage natural environment of skeleton oil seals?

by:ORK      2022-10-13
If the skeleton oil seal is classified according to the rotation angular velocity of the shaft, it can be divided into low-speed skeleton seal (less than 6m/s) and high-speed skeleton seal (over 6m/s); it is classified according to the convexity and concavity of the working pressure that the skeleton seal can accept It can be divided into superheated steam type skeleton seal and pressure test type skeleton seal; according to the structure and sealing principle of skeleton seal, it can be divided into basic skeleton seal driving force flow back type skeleton seal; Commonly, they are classified according to the raw materials that make up the skeleton seal components, and can be divided into skeleton seals with skeleton patterns and skeleton seals without skeleton patterns; according to whether there are springs, they can be divided into spring-type skeleton seals and non-spring-type skeleton seals These. The application of skeleton sealing is also very wide, such as industrial production, crude oil, chemical plants, smelters, mineral resources, military, ships, aerospace, ships, food, automated machinery. The storage natural environment of the skeleton oil seal? ? Storage natural environment of skeleton oil seal: The room should be clean, dry, clean, and the natural environment with excellent natural ventilation effect. The temperature is maintained at the middle of +20℃~10℃. Otherwise, the application time will be shortened and the use period will be jeopardized. The skeleton seal must be stored in a dry and dark environment without active oxygen, and pay attention to the level of placement and placement in its genuine packaging. Skeleton oil seal (oil?seal), as the name suggests, is also the sealing of smooth oil. Skeleton seals are common in hydraulic seals. The skeleton seal is generally divided into a single type and an assembled type. The assembled type is that the skeleton diagram and the material of the skirt can be matched at will, and it is generally used for a very skeleton seal. From the actual effect, characteristics, structure type, working conditions and sealing principle of the skeleton seal, it can be divided into various forms and different names, but it is customary to call the arc-shaped mouth-shaped seal ring skeleton seal, packing seal and dynamic seal. The hydraulic seals used for sex (generally repeated movements) are called hydraulic seals. Originally, the skeleton seal is a hydraulic seal used by mechanical equipment to seal oil (oil is the most common liquid chemical substance in the transmission device, and also refers to the general liquid chemical substance). The skeleton seal will require smooth and clean transmission system components. The components are isolated from the load rate components, so that the clean oil will not leak. The skeleton oil seal is the type of skeleton seal. In specific applications, because the skeleton oil seal containing metal material raw materials is more common, the old-fashioned skeleton seal also refers to the skeleton oil seal.
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