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by:ORK      2022-11-23
The classification and use of Gaobang rubber seals The biggest characteristic of rubber seals is that the elastic modulus is very small and the elongation is very high. The second is that it has quite good air permeability and resistance to various chemical media and electrical insulation. Some special synthetic rubbers have good oil resistance and temperature resistance, and can resist the swelling of fatty oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil and solvent oil; the cold resistance can be as low as -60℃ to -80℃, and the heat resistance can be Up to +180°C to +350°C. is also resistant to various flexural and bending deformations because of low hysteresis loss. The third characteristic of rubber is that it can be used, blended, and compounded with a variety of materials, thereby being modified to obtain good comprehensive properties. These basic properties of rubber make it an excellent material for shock absorption, sealing, flexing, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation and bonding in the industry. One: Classification of rubber 1. According to the source and method of raw materials, rubber seals can be divided into two categories: natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Among them, the consumption of natural rubber accounts for 1/3, and the consumption of synthetic rubber accounts for 2/3. 2. According to the appearance of rubber seals, rubber can be divided into four categories: solid rubber (also known as dry rubber), milky rubber (referred to as latex), liquid rubber and powder rubber. 3. According to the properties and uses of rubber, in addition to natural rubber, synthetic rubber can be divided into general synthetic rubber, semi-universal synthetic rubber, special synthetic rubber and special synthetic rubber. 4. According to the physical form of rubber, rubber can be divided into hard rubber and soft rubber, raw rubber and mixed rubber. According to the type of rubber and the form of cross-linking, in industrial use, rubber can be classified as follows. The first category is divided into ordinary rubber, heat-resistant rubber, oil-resistant rubber, weather-resistant rubber, and special chemical medium-resistant rubber according to the functions of heat resistance and oil resistance. More information on rubber seals
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