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Classification, efficacy, characteristics and scope of application of rubber balls

by:ORK      2022-11-05
balls belong to a kind of mechanical equipment seals, which have certain elasticity after being pumped up. For this product, do you know its classification, efficacy, characteristics and scope of application? If you want to learn and train the professional knowledge of this product, why not Follow me down. Classification, efficacy, characteristics and scope of application of rubber balls Classification of rubber balls: The classification of rubber balls is mainly based on their talents. The more common types include pure natural rubber balls, general rubber balls, fluorine rubber balls, silicone rubber balls, etc. . Effect of rubber seals ball: In many cases, the rubber ball is an indispensable part of the whole process of the vibrating screen. According to the exciting force given by the vibrating motor, the rubber seals ball can keep jumping and then reasonably remove the plugged stainless steel. The raw material of the screen mesh helps to improve the company's production. Characteristics and scope of application of rubber balls: The key characteristics of fluororubber balls are acid and alkali resistance, and they do not deform in oil, so they are especially suitable for screening of these raw materials with oil-soluble liquids. The pure natural rubber ball has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and good elasticity, but it is not resistant to acid and alkali, so it is only suitable for general raw material screening. In various sub-categories of mechanical equipment, sealing methods must be applied. Whether it is dynamic sealing or static data sealing, sealing rings are very effective sealing methods. There are many raw materials for producing sealing rings, and vulcanized rubber is one of them. First, in order to produce a sealing ring with a very good sealing effect at the manufacturing site, there are also regulations on the elastomer material. Let’s take a look at the following: (1) The adhesion of resisting substances is better, and it can withstand erosion, increase Melting condition. (2) It has better aging resistance and can work well in a wide temperature range. (3) Good wear resistance, can be integrated into the wear resistance of mechanical equipment. (4) Excellent elasticity, moderate strength, not easy to shrink and deform. It can ensure the actual effect of sealing. (5) It has strong process performance, low cost and rich and colorful resources. It can be said that the vulcanized rubber material itself has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high elasticity and other characteristics. It has become a good raw material for the production of O ring manufactures. There are many types of vulcanized rubber. In the case of manufacturing O ring manufactures, Manufacturers should pay attention to selection.
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