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Classification of rubber molds

by:ORK      2022-11-06
molds are divided into four common molds according to the mold structure and product production process: pressing molds, die-casting molds, injection molding molds, extrusion molding molds, and some special rubber molds for the production of special rubber products, such as inflatable molds, Dip mold, etc. Several commonly used molds are introduced below. 1. Compression molding die is also called ordinary die. It is to directly put the semi-finished rubber compound that has been kneaded, processed into a certain shape and weighed into a mold, and then sent to a flat vulcanizer for pressure and heating. The rubber compound is vulcanized and formed under the action of pressure and heating. Features: The mold has simple structure, strong versatility, wide application and convenient operation, so it occupies a large proportion in rubber molded products. 2. Die-casting molds are also called transfer molds or extrusion molds. It is to put the compounded compound or semi-finished rubber seals block with a simple shape and a certain limit into the die-casting mold cavity, squeeze the compound through the pressure of the die-casting plug, and make the compound enter the mold cavity through the pouring system. Medium vulcanization setting. Features: It is more complicated than ordinary compression molds, and is suitable for the production of thin-walled, slender and easily bendable products that cannot be pressed or barely pressed by ordinary molding, as well as rubber products with complex shapes and difficult to feed. The products produced by this mold have good compactness and superior quality. 3. Injection molding mold It is to inject the preheated plastic material into the mold through the pouring system of the injection mold to shape and vulcanize. Features: complex structure, suitable for large-scale, thick-walled, thin-walled, and complex-shaped products. High production efficiency, stable quality, and automatic production. 4. The extrusion molding die is used to make semi-finished rubber profiles of various cross-sectional shapes through the molding die of the machine head to achieve the purpose of preliminary modeling, and then it is cooled and shaped and transported to the vulcanization tank for vulcanization or used as a prefabricated material required by the compression molding method. Forming semi-finished rubber compound. Features: high production efficiency, stable quality, automatic production company website:
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