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Classification of rubber O-rings

by:ORK      2022-11-08
Classification of rubber O-rings 1. The English name of the o-type ring is Rubberoring, and the materials can be divided into silicone O ring manufactures, fluorine rubber , pu polyurethane , PTFE . lock up. O-rings have moisture-proof, gas-proof, oil-proof, leak-proof and other sealing effects in our life and industry. The surface of the product is lubricated and precise, and the dimensional tolerance can reach plus or minus 0.03mm. 2. The rubber ring is made of mixed rubber material according to the production of sulfide. The technical parameters are shown in the hardness of the rubber ring, tensile strength, elongation at break, fireproof rubber ring, flame retardant rubber ring, etc., which are well used in the electronics industry, UL94v0 rubber seals ring. We can also plan different shapes of rubber rings according to customer's drawings, such as O-type rubber ring, y-type sealing rubber ring, star-shaped rubber seals ring. Japanese standard o-ring, European standard o-ring, GB national standard o-ring. Guaranteed long service life of O-ring seal.
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