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cold weather tip - use table salt to keep your garage door seal from freezing to the floor

by:ORK      2020-03-11
Give you a hint of cold weather.
Don\'t let the winter freeze and thaw cycle, and when the temperature drops overnight, the garage door seal freezes onto the concrete floor.
Use salt to reduce the chance to park your car in the garage just because of the temperature change.
Whether it\'s the wind piling up snow on the door of your garage, or the dripping Avenue splashing in front of the garage, chances are you \'ve come across a door that freezes on the concrete floor overnight.
To avoid this, remove the snow from the door.
This means opening it in the warmest of the day, sweeping or shoveling snow and snow mud.
Also, sprinkle a lot of salt where the rubber seal meets the concrete and close the door.
This will minimize the chance of salt freezing by keeping the salt in place.
If you put a large box of salt near the garage door, it will be convenient and you will remember to use it.
Keep the area under the garage door seal clear the snow and re-apply the salt as needed.
This sounds troublesome, but ice-cutting from the bottom of the garage door, chewing the rubber seal during the process is not fun, parking outside the garage is against the purpose of owning the garage in the first place.
Use this cold weather tip to help keep your garage door running smoothly throughout the winter.
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