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Colored Silicone Good Elongation Sponge Rubber Ball for Pipe Cleaning

Colored Silicone Good Elongation Sponge Rubber Ball for Pipe Cleaning

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
30~90shore or Irhd
Impeccable Research and Design
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Plastic Bag or According to Your Request
Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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Colored Silicone Good Elongation Sponge Rubber Ball for Pipe Cleaning

Material DescrIption for silicone Sponge Rubber Ball

Silicone Rubber (Q, MQ, VMQ, PVMQ)

*Service Temperature
For Silicones the service temperatures are from -60 C to 225 C. Some special types can be used in extreme temperature up to 300 C and down to -100 C.

Silicone rubber performs well under environmental and temperature extremes. It is usually applied in automotive and aerospace industries where flexibility and longevity are important. It is also a suitable material for parts that need FDA approval for food handling equipment and appliances.

Product Introduction for Sponge Rubber Ball

Sponge Rubber Ball is especially suitable for various condenser copper tubes. Sponge Rubber Ball is also the most commonly used in power plants. Sponge Rubber Ball is always made of  natural rubber with foam and special additives. Standard Sponge Rubber Ball can be used in all kinds of equipment and water .
Sponge Rubber Ball is very effectively in removing biofouling and high viscosity biofouling. Sponge Rubber Ball is Suitable for stainless steel tubes and titanium alloy tube heat exchangers.

The standard appearance of Sponge Rubber Ball 
1. The air holes spread evenly on the surface of Sponge Rubber Ball ,and their size is basically similar ;
2, The depth of lack of rubber is less than 3mm on the surface of Sponge Rubber Ball .and the total area of lack of rubber is 10% less than the outside surface area;
3. The diameter tolerance of the sponge rubber ball is ±0.5mm;

Physical properties
After soaking in 40 ± 1 ° C water for 48 hours , the wet density changes from 0.90 to 1.20 g/cm 3 . and the diameter change rate does not exceed 10% of the sponge rubber ball diameter.
In addition, after soaking in water for a period of time, individual rubber balls may swell too much, causing the diameter to exceed the standard,these balls should be replaced in case the tube is blocked

Our product have passed ISO/TS , FDA ,REACH ,ROHS ,UL certificate

Colored Silicone Good Elongation Sponge Rubber Ball for Pipe Cleaning

our product progress 

our all rubber product are produced according to the below steps .
Colored Silicone Good Elongation Sponge Rubber Ball for Pipe Cleaning

Quality control

Material Inspection:Storage of all raw materials before the test, and issue a report on the corresponding material properties, compared with raw material's own property report, two reports property values is consistent, can put in storage.
Model Inspection:After the mold development or mold cleaning finished on the machine, we will test all the specifications of the mold to ensure that each cavity of the product specifications and quality.
Production Inspection:The production process of the product inspection personnel timing semi-finished product inspection, ensure the quality of the rationality of technology, defective rate control in a reasonable range.
Quanlity Control:The quality inspection department will conduct a sampling inspection of each batch of products
Production Full Inspection:The optical inspection machine can ensure the appearance and dimension of the product are 100% qualified.

If you clearly display above information,please send an inquiry to 18024335328; or mail to shadow zhang, we will reply to you as soon as possible! Thank you! 

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