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by:ORK      2020-07-31
Type O aprons is one of the common rubber sealing ring, choose different rubber seals material in suitable temperature, performance characteristics, application field will be different. The following nitrile O aprons, silica gel type O aprons, fluorine rubber O aprons three O aprons has carried on the comparative analysis of different materials: nitrile O aprons ( NBR) Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃ performance characteristics: good oil resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, solvent resistance and resistance to high pressure oil characteristics. But the nitrile O aprons should not be used for the polar solvent, such as ketones, smelly chloride, nitro hydrocarbon main application fields: often used to produce fuel tank, oil box and the oil in the hydraulic oil, gas, water, silicone oil, second ester lubricant, glycol hydraulic fluid medium such as using silicone O aprons ( VMQ) Working temperature: - Characteristics: 55 ℃ ~ + 220 ℃ this material type O aprons with environmental non-toxic, good elasticity, heat resistant, cold resistant, resistant to ozone, resistance to atmospheric aging characteristics, good electrical insulating properties, tensile resistance strength and wearability are generally poor and has no oil resistance rubber main application fields: commonly used in home appliances industry the use of seals or rubber seals parts, food machinery industry of seal, or contact with the human body is all kinds of products on the seal fluorine rubber O aprons ( FKM) Working temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ + 260 ℃ characteristics: good high temperature resistance and good chemical resistance, resistance to most of the oil and solvent ( Except ketone, esters) Cold tolerance is a bad main application fields: fluorine rubber O aprons is often used in high temperature resistant, chemical resistant, oil resistant work environment in metallurgy, chemical industry, automobile, electric power and other industries widely used 18 years O aprons manufacturers, to provide one-stop service processing custom size of different type O aprons, nitrile rubber seals o-rings, silicone rubber o-rings and other rubber O aprons, sealing material in at the actual working condition of the clients needs. Company to introduce advanced intelligent production equipment and testing equipment, automatic batching system, mixer line, extrusion line, purifying workshop, fully automatic sorting equipment, automatic packaging machine, etc, more than 200 sets of equipment, vulcanization unit covers from 50 t to 1000 t, large product customization!
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