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Common problems of disassembly of vulcanized rubber o-ring mold

by:ORK      2022-10-29
Common problems when disassembling the vulcanized rubber seals o-ring mold: 1. When the mold is transported, pay attention to the upper, lower, left and right molds (or movable and fixed molds) in the mold-locking shape with both hands (one hand supports the lower mold, the other hand supports the lower mold), and pay attention to handle it carefully and steadily. 2. Before starting the mold disassembly work, be sure to check whether the gadgets are in normal condition, and operate according to the operating procedures of the gadgets by hand, and pay attention to the proper use of the measuring tools. 3. When disassembling the mold, you should first grasp the working characteristics of the mold, the basic structure and the necessity of each part, and disassemble in order. 4. When using copper rods and crowbars to disassemble and assemble the mold, the posture should be appropriate and the force should be moderate. 5. When using a screwdriver: a. The opening of the screwdriver should not be too thin or too narrow to prevent the screw from slipping out when tightening it. b. Do not use a screwdriver to loosen the screws while holding the parts in hand. c. The screwdriver cannot be hit with a copper rod or hammer to prevent the rocker from breaking. d. Screwdrivers cannot be used as woodworking chisels.
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