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Common rubber seal material resistant to the media?

by:ORK      2020-07-31
is subdivided again many materials, including NBR NBR, silicon rubber seals PMQ/VMQ, ethylene propylene rubber, EPDM, fluorine rubber FKM is common material of rubber seals seal, so their resistance by the media? Then introduce for you. 1, NBR NBR: suitable for petroleum products, oil vapor air, vegetable oil and mineral oil, but not for phosphate series hydraulic oil and gear oil extreme pressure additive, using temperature was minus 40 - 120℃。 2, PMQ VMQ/silicon rubber sealing ring: suitable for drinking water, hot water, oil free air mail high temperature steam, and so on, but does not apply to oil medium, using the temperature was minus 60 - 230℃。 3, EPDM ethylene propylene rubber sealing ring: suitable for hot water, dilute acid, oil free air, and a variety of chemicals, good climate resistance, but does not apply to oil medium, using the temperature was minus 50 - 150℃。 4, FKM fluorine rubber seal: suitable for a variety of hydrogenated acid, oil, halogenated computed. in, lubricating oil, hydraulic device, organic liquid and liquid hydrocarbon in air, using temperature was minus 20 - 150℃。 Above is what common rubber sealing material resistant to medium, their performance and different, each kind of material need to choose the right material according to the working conditions, when the choice to use good product. If you also want to learn more material performance, please contact seal, 17 years of professional manufacturer of rubber sealing ring.
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