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Common rubber sealing ring classification of seal knowledge

by:ORK      2022-10-17
The most commonly used sealing element in seals is the rubber sealing ring. The classification of the rubber sealing ring is usually divided according to its main material, characteristics and movement form. 1. Classification by material Different sealing rings are divided by different materials, usually nitrile rubber sealing rings are used. Other common materials such as silicone rubber sealing ring, fluorine rubber sealing ring, etc. 2. Classification according to the characteristics of the sealing ring This classification is mainly based on the working conditions and materials of the sealing ring. It can be divided into high temperature resistant sealing ring, low temperature resistant sealing ring, high pressure resistant sealing ring, wear-resistant sealing ring, corrosion-resistant sealing ring, etc. 3. Classification according to its movement form Usually there are two categories of movement forms, namely dynamic seals and static seals. Static sealing means sealing on two stationary surfaces. The most widely used O-rings in seals are mainly used in static seals, followed by gasket seals. In dynamic seals, it can be divided into contact seals and non-contact seals according to whether the seal ring is in contact with the parts that move relative to it. Among them, the rubber sealing ring is a contact sealing method. Usually in dynamic seals, the common forms of rubber seals include rotary shaft lip seals and reciprocating seals. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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