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by:ORK      2020-07-02
Static seal as the name suggests is under the static sealing effect, compression deformation of materials required for this seal is good; Which has good elasticity, prevent distorted during assembly, and require products on cutting, according to the working condition of the use of the product, can choose appropriate to the material and its hardness. The seal is to introduce the static seal common three kinds of classification. 1, O ring, o-ring, as a kind of commonly used rubber seals ring, a variety of occasions for static seal, also has a small number of cases used in reciprocating and rotating seal. Mainly USES the nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, neoprene, 3-20, silica gel, such as analysing, according to national standard production, and also can be used according to the special design and production environment, with pressure range: hydraulic & le; 9. 8 mpa, pneumatic & le; 1 mpa, temperature tolerance range 60 - + 300 ℃ oil and various kinds of lubricating oil and various chemical medium resistance, impact resistance number more than 1. 5 million times, if the pressure is too high, can be combined with nylon washer is used. 2, special-shaped aprons shapes of this kind of packing, most are designed according to the practical use, installation, parts, is flat, will surface, use morer is the pipe outlet seal, flange seal and some used as shock absorption, prevent slippery. Choose according to use the working environment of oil resistant, high and low temperature resistance, anti-aging and so on different material. 3, combined such gasket sealing gasket is according to the need of the installation site design city outer ring with metal skeleton structure, international more commonly, can also be a special order. The outer ring can choose ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, also can choose the nylon or other plastic parts. Above is the common classification of three kinds of static seal, whether need what type of seals, first of all need to be combined with their own conditions and decide, at present, mainly non-standard seal 17 years of experience in research and development of design, can design suitable packing for the customer.
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