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Common type O sealing ring material and the suitable scope

by:ORK      2020-07-20
Type O sealing ring is currently one of the common seal, because use different working condition, mostly to the requirement of seal ring are also different, so there are many types of sealing ring, then what type O sealing ring of the common material? What circumstance commonly used? Seal to tell you: general common materials include cyanide hydrogenated butyl rubber, butyl cyanide rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, fluorinated silicone rubber, butyl rubber, etc. 1, cyanide hydrogenated butyl rubber with good corrosion resistance, compression resistance and tear resistance, resistant to ozone, light and the oil, it is suitable for automobile engine, washing machine and a new ring type O sealing ring in the refrigeration system, but in esters, alcohols, and aromatic solvents is not can use. 2, butyl cyanide rubber cost is low, is widely used, generally used in water, silicone oil and glycol hydraulic oil medium, but such as ozone, ketone nitro hydrocarbon polarity is not suitable for use in the solution. 3, silicon rubber seals can be cold, heat, and the damage to the ozone resistance and atmospheric aging performance, but its tensile sex is bad, also do not have the oily, commonly used in type O sealing ring in home appliance products, such as microwave oven, water heater, electric iron, water machine, kettle, etc. 4, fluorine rubber has good ozone resistance and weather resistance, high temperature resistant performance is better than the silicone rubber, but the cold resistance is poor. Commonly used in the fuel system and chemical plant of O sealing ring, the ketone, containing a mixture of nitrate is not recommended. 5, fluorine silicone rubber fluorine silicon rubber combined with the advantages of the silicone rubber and fluorine rubber, oxygenated compounds, fluoride solvent and can resist erosion containing aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, resistance to oil, fuel oil, solvent resistant performance is good. Generally used for military and aerospace field type O sealing ring, in the brake fluid and ketone material chooses is not recommended. 6, butyl rubber, heat resistance and good air tightness, resistant to sunlight, polar solvent and ozone, insulation is good, can be exposed to the oxide or animal and plant oil, commonly used in the vacuum equipment and chemical resistant type O sealing ring, cannot be used together with oil, aromatic hydrocarbons, or kerosene. In addition, type o sealing ring material and chloroprene rubber, acrylate rubber, natural rubber, fluorine rubber, epdm rubber seals and ptfe, if you have other requirements on the performance of the seal, welcome contact seal, 17 years of experience design suitable for your working condition of seal for you!
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