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Commonly used rubber testing machine knowledge

by:ORK      2022-11-10
Common sense machinery is the machinery used to manufacture various rubber seals products such as tires, including general rubber machinery, tire machinery and other rubber products machinery. With the continuous development of my country's rubber industry and the continuous improvement of national quality awareness, the improvement of rubber quality has become a trend. The emergence of rubber testing machine can effectively detect rubber quality and help enterprises to measure rubber quality. 1. electronic tensile testing machine electronic tensile testing machine (also called rubber material tensile testing machine) is widely used in rubber, plastics, electronics and other materials to test its tensile, tearing, peeling, compression, bending, shear resistance , three-point bending resistance…And other physical properties testing performance, small size, full-featured, is a precision testing machine. 2. wear testing machine wear testing machine (also called rubber friction and wear testing machine or rubber wear testing machine) is widely used in rubber. Load, when the sample rotates, the wear wheel is driven to wear the sample, and the weight of the wear loss is the difference between the weight of the sample before and after the test. 3. aging tester The rubber aging tester is used to study the changes of rubber and other test pieces under heating in a rotating manner within a fixed time. 4. vulcanization testing machine The rubber vulcanization testing machine is based on the synchronous rotor swing frequency to measure the rubber mixture at a certain temperature, which changes the properties of the rubber with the change of time. The change of this property can be recorded on the recorder. It can be seen from the torque-time curve graph that this graph can be widely used for basic or development research and quality reference on production lines. 5. hardness tester LX-A Shore rubber hardness tester is suitable for hardness testing instruments of medium and low hardness rubber. LX-D Shore Durometer is suitable for hardness testing of hard rubber materials. 6. zigzag testing machine The rubber zigzag testing machine is suitable for rubber materials. It is sandwiched between the rubber zigzag testing machines. After continuous bending fatigue, the degree of cracking is observed to understand or compare its durability. 7. low temperature cold resistance testing machine The rubber low temperature cold resistance testing machine is suitable for testing the cold resistance of rubber and plastic to understand the material or finished product to adapt to low temperature climate or cold area. This machine is made of stainless steel, and can be equipped with various folding fixtures , to apply to different requirements. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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