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Comparison of EPDM rubber and silicone materials

by:ORK      2022-10-25
Comparison of EPDM rubber and silicone materials EPDM rubber and silicone materials can both be used as cold-shrinkable sleeves and heat-shrinkable sleeves, so what is the difference between these two materials? 1. Price: EPDM rubber material is more cost-effective than silicone rubber material; 2. Processing level: Silicone is better than silicone EPDM; 3. Temperature resistance: Silicone has better temperature resistance, EPDM rubber seals has a temperature resistance of 150°C, Silica gel has a temperature resistance of 200 °C; 4. Weather resistance level: ethylene-propylene rubber has good weather resistance, rubber is originally environmentally friendly, but in a humid environment, ethylene-propylene rubber is easy to breed bacteria; 5. Shrinkage ratio expansion ratio: At present, silica gel is cold The shrinkage ratio of the shrinkable tube is higher than that of the EPDM cold shrinkable tube; 6. Differences in combustion level: When burning, the silica gel will emit a bright flame, almost no smoke, no odor, and white residue will be left after burning. EPDM, there is no such situation; 7. Tear and puncture strength level: EPDM is better; 8. Other aspects: ethylene-propylene rubber has good ozone, high strength, high hardness, poor low temperature brittleness; good elasticity of silicone; strong low temperature performance ; Ozone in general, low intensity!
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